My Vision of a Safer Industrial Future

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In today’s industrial environments, progress is driving more change than ever. New challenges are arising, as well as new opportunities.

We know today that the industrial plants of tomorrow will be smarter — better connected, more efficient, and highly collaborative. But they must also be safer and better protected against potential threats.

When I talk to our customers in various industries, I pay special attention to their concerns. Natural disasters, cyber attacks, equipment failures, human errors ― these all pose real threats to the profitability, and in some cases the survival, of industrial businesses. No wonder that our customers take the risks so seriously.

So do we. At Schneider Electric we are continuously working to help customers stay ahead of their concerns.

Here’s one example. Last year we completed the acquisition and integration of Invensys, a renowned engineering and technology company whose portfolio included the Triconex safety and control system, the #1 offer in the process and safety market. As a result, we offer best-in-class safety controllers, software applications, and full life-cycle services that protect operational integrity in thousands of industrial sites.

To illustrate the direct impact of proven process safety on industry, I often talk about plant managers. These people play a crucial ― and often stressful ― role in modern manufacturing. The consequences of their individual decisions can be felt throughout even the biggest manufacturer.

Triconex empowers industrial plant staff, making their work easier and less stressful. It combines technology, advanced applications, and life-cycle management to help plant managers anticipate a safety incident as opposed to simply responding when an incident occurs.

I believe that the future belongs to those industrial companies that excel in mitigating risk. When these companies use proven safety technology, they achieve ambitious performance goals and protect their operations. In the long term, these companies will help to drive sustainable progress and capture even more amazing opportunities.


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