Building a company greater than the sum of its parts

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No doubt you have heard that Schneider Electric has acquired Invensys. There has been much speculation about the details of this deal among our customers, partners and suppliers, in the press and on social media sites, and among industry analysts. Indeed this is a strategic deal for Schneider Electric. It means a stronger commitment to all our stakeholders across various market segments.Invensys acquistion automation

I am very pleased to have seen this integration through the regulatory process and witness two of the leading players in the industrial market join forces to create a more global, innovative technology company with a strong position in integrated industrial automation, software and energy management. We expect many benefits and synergies from this deal – let me tell you about just a few that are exciting for me.

Increased value for all our customers

Both our Schneider Electric and Invensys customers stand to significantly benefit from this acquisition. For Schneider Electric customers, improved industrial automation capabilities and an expansion of our energy management and software portfolios will bring increased value to their businesses.

For Invensys customers, this deal brings an exciting future to become part of a company with committed R&D investments, high levels of customer satisfaction and a promise to bring the best levels of efficiency by combining automation and energy management technologies.

Working together on industrial automation, energy management and software

Leveraging the technology, innovation and joint development capabilities of both Schneider Electric and Invensys will enable new systems, applications and technologies to be brought to market faster. Together, we can deliver a comprehensive portfolio of improved offers, solutions and services for engineering and operational excellence for all our customers.

Improved industrial automation capabilities mean a stronger commitment to expand our offers in this market space. The deal also expands Schneider Electric’s position in energy management by allowing us to work with the energy-intensive customers of Invensys. Software is another important part of this deal – together as a leading industrial software provider, our combined software portfolio will be another way our customers can increase their operational efficiency and return on assets.

More global coverage

With this acquisition, we are creating a global leader in industrial automation, with a more balanced presence across all regions. Stronger global execution capabilities and a larger geographical footprint are huge benefits not only for our customers but for Schneider Electric too. This provides us with a strong footprint in North America and in emerging markets, and it also brings us greater market resilience to better manage the cyclical nature of today’s business and adapt quickly to changing technology trends.

Focussed on growth – with business as usual

We have a long history of providing cutting edge technologies, strong product support and easy upgrade paths. It is very important that our customers know that this commitment will not change. Our current brands, product portfolio and roadmaps will remain the same. Contacts will remain the same and all commitments we have will be honoured.

In summary, Schneider Electric and Invensys expect to realize accelerated growth through the synergies and opportunities born from stronger leadership in integrated industrial automation, software and energy management segments. This means:

  •  More global coverage to be closer to customer needs
  • More offers, solutions and services increasing the value we offer
  • More diversity in our portfolio for greater market resilience

How will you take advantage of the combined strengths of Schneider Electric and Invensys?

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  • Will both Citect and Wonderware software systems be supported in future? If not, which products are going to be continued?

    • Cyril Perducat

      10 years ago

      Thank you Wulff for your comment…with this acquisition there is very little “overlap” in products and capabilities resulting in added value for our customers.
      In those instances where products may be similar in scope or functionality, a complete review will be done taking into consideration customer preferences and requirements. But at this stage, there is no plan to rationalize any offers due to the acquisition.

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