How Pipeline Operators are Working to Improve their Asset Reliability

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One of the biggest concerns midstream pipeline operators face today is regulatory compliance to make sure the environment is protected as much as possible. Operators are also concerned about the safety of the people operating the pipeline. And in today’s oil and gas market conditions operators need to identify new opportunities to reduce costs and improve margins as much as possible. Asset Performance Management offers solutions for pipeline operators to improve safety, regulatory compliance and profitability.

Asset Performance Management

Asset reliability is a key component of an overall asset performance management strategy. And it plays a big part in helping midstream oil and gas operators reduce their operating costs and maximize the return on their asset and equipment investments. Over the next several blogs posts we’ll be discussing topics related to asset performance management in midstream applications such as:

  1. How an APM assessment can uncover new opportunities to reduce maintenance costs and lower total cost of ownership of pipeline assets.
  2. Where predictive analytics fits in an overall digital strategy for pipeline management.
  3. Understanding the value of asset reliability as it relates to risk assessment of pipeline assets and operations.
  4. How downtime effects pipeline operations and what can be done to reduce it.
  5. Where mobile technology fits in the daily tasks of operators and how it can be used as a starting point for an overall digital transformation strategy for pipeline operations.

Stay tuned to the Schneider Electric Oil & Gas blog to follow these posts as they’re released over the coming weeks.

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    6 years ago

    Great topic and comments Jeremy, a key area for operational and maintenance improvement – cost avoidance and perhaps more reliability. The predictive aspect is very interesting with some use cases on rotary equipment health / performance to prevent/predict potential failures before incidents.

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