New-Age Terminals Require New-Age Solutions

Times have changed; and so have terminals. No longer just considered a “cost center,” terminals are integral stops in a supply chain.

Although Terminal automation systems (TAS) have been in use for years, operational complexity, regulatory burdens and data sharing needs call for new standards in terminal automation to ensure high-quality customer service.

With real-time inventory management, innovative lifting controls and advanced reporting analysis, a next-generation TAS is the bridge from ordinary to extraordinary operations.

Digital age brings options

The digital age brings a new wave of software options. With so many to choose from, companies must know what’s most important and how to identify systems that deliver. Not all systems offer clear visibility into every area of a terminal’s operations and are flexible enough to meet a terminal’s changing needs.

The right Terminal Automation System (TAS) should increase efficiencies, improve accuracy, reduce labor and operational costs, enhance safety, and ensure more accurate regulatory compliance. A next-generation TAS will also be user-friendly and help take terminals to a new level of operational excellence.

Data is power

Collecting terminal data isn’t useful if you can’t analyze it, manipulate it, and report on it. You need an advanced data system that allows your data to be useful to you. The data it provides can support trend analysis, helping you minimize risks and chart a more profitable course.

If your data analysis system lacks these tools, your operations may be at risk:

  • Filtering options- flexibility to create the reports that matter to you.
  • Visually attractive, easy to read system that includes inventory, bill of lading, database, muster, administration, and configuration reports.
  • Custom reports-show detail about your activity, allowing you to track movements and compare volumes, and easily transfer data to other analysis systems like Microsoft Exel
  • Capability to easily distribute reports

 Next-generation TAS in action

Detailed, flexible tracking

  • See inventory in real time, by tank, product, owner, or exchange partner
  • Support a large number of tank gauging solutions, with fast, easy set up for automatic inventory management
  • Get an at-a-glance snapshot of terminal activity at each lane, to monitor current lifting activity and help forecast demand for daily hedge balancing

A user-friendly interface

  • Clearly see the level of each product with color-coded displays and an easy-to-use product tracking interface
  • Group tanks by specific product or into product groups, as needed

Increased data capture automation

  • Automatically pause lifting across all lanes at a set time to capture tank gauges, calculate inventory and distribute reports to key players
  • Simplify book-to-physical reconciliation with automatic allocations of gains and losses at close

Advanced lifting controls

  • Apply lifting controls across a matrix of variables, including shipper, customer, driver, carrier product and terminal
  • Interface with third-party credit and allocation vendors
  • Ensure compliance with government access regulations affecting your terminal, such as the transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) program

By supporting better demand management, a quality TAS can reduce your inventory risks and improve customer service and driver interaction, particularly when supply is tight.

 Next-level efficiency

Now that you know what the software can do, the next crucial step is to decide which partner will help advance your enterprise forward. You want to partner with a team that understands your needs, follows market trends and has a proven successful track record in helping companies better serve their customers.

With a strong partner on your side and a cutting-edge TAS poised to meet the growing needs of today’s terminal operations, you are fully equipped to move your enterprise forward-and forward fast.

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