Energy Management Solution Meets Pipeline Operations Needs, Supports Enterprise Goals

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Hydrocarbon pipeline operators are realizing significant energy savings and more efficient operation using a power optimization solution developed in close cooperation with the industry. This cooperative effort was key to addressing all operational needs as well as enterprise goals, including safety and security.

This advanced-technology solution fully integrates real-time operational parameters from the network SCADA with simulation software, a costing element, demand recorder, sequencer module, and web-based GUI to accurately identify current and optimized configuration scenarios. It empowers controllers to migrate from making routine operational decisions to using their expertise to implement the safest, most cost-effective processes.

With the ability to respond in real time, the hydrocarbon transporter can schedule jobs based on predictable rate schedules; sequence jobs in order of demand while avoiding rate spikes; and favor more economical assets when accommodating extra load. The solution has shown to help reduce power consumption of a pipeline operation by as much as 20 per cent and reduce energy costs by 1 to 5 per cent, depending on pipeline characteristics and complexity of the operator’s contracts. And let’s not forget the reduced carbon emissions.

Further, it helps the operator’s energy manager review potential physical pipeline changes; consider different pipeline operating procedures; and evaluate different rate schedule structures to negotiate new and favorable power contracts – all to help plan improvements in future energy usages.

By design, thanks to the valuable input of operators, the solution supports a sustainability strategy and the future energy management needs of the hydrocarbon pipeline industry.




  • Lola Arce

    11 years ago

    Thanks for your enquiry. So we are able to provide you with the info you need, could you please indicate for which type of OG facility do you require our automation solutions? Upstream, midstream, dowsntream? Thanks!

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