Manufacturing growth in Turkey: Removing hurdles to OEM and end-user success

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Over the last 25 years, as General Manager of Botek Automation, I have witnessed many industrial automation evolutions and trends in Turkey. Our nation has emerged as an important manufacturing and distribution hub, bridging Europe and Asia. Turkey positions itself in the global value chain by leveraging lower labor costs and flexible production capabilities. As a result, according to the International Trade Administration, Turkish manufacturing’s share of GDP has increased to 18.83% in the last decade. Turkey aims to boost it to 21% by the end of 2023. But supply chain issues, time-to-market delays, and incompatible software systems threaten to derail that manufacturing growth.

Botek is a Turkey-based Schneider Electric Alliance Master Industrial Automation Distributor. We have prioritized supplying products and solutions to our machine builder and manufacturing customers. The Turkish OEM and end-users we work with look to our robotics, packaging, metal processing, and textile industry experts and engineers to fuel their growth and compete in the global economy. Our experts help them identify the parts and products needed to build and deliver modernized industrial automation equipment and operations.

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Machine builders and the Turkish manufacturers they supply face a number of business obstacles that constrain their potential manufacturing growth.

Growing business challenges require innovative approaches

We collaborate with both machine builders and the Turkish manufacturers they supply. Together, we overcome business obstacles that constrain their potential business growth. For example, Esmaş Makina, a manufacturer of marble and granite processing machines with a large share of the Turkish market, started cooperation with us in 1997. They look to us for machinery development and associated electrical panels. Botek training helps Esmaş Makina engineers speed up machine development time, and they benefit from our timely responses to their technical questions.

Another of our clients is Eurasia Robotic. This team looks to us to supply them with servo motors, drivers, terminal blocks, and relays for their robotics solutions. They enjoy the convenience of having to deal with only one distributor for all their equipment needs. They also find our online technical support very helpful in moving their projects forward quickly.

We support manufacturing growth in several more ways:

•Supply chain constraints

Fueled by global events such as the pandemic and geopolitical issues, our local machine builders have had to reduce production when key technology parts and components are unavailable or delayed in shipment. Helping them secure the needed parts enables them to establish a competitive advantage in the eyes of their manufacturing clients. We partner with global firms like Schneider Electric, which can stock parts locally. Schneider Electric also possesses robust parts management and delivery capabilities. This helps our machine builder partners achieve time-to-market goals. Together, we enable the OEMs to support their manufacturing clients through all phases of a project rollout.

We also developed a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform. It enables both OEMs and end users to quickly select, purchase, and track deliveries of critical equipment.

•Time-to-market delays

To remain competitive, many of our Turkish OEMs with global clients embrace the digitization and data analysis tools required to produce smart machines more rapidly. Take, for example, one of our OEM customers who is competing for the business of a European end user. As the OEM assesses the end user’s business requirements, we offer support by helping the OEM quickly select the right products to build a solution that aligns with those requirements. Botek also provides programming and commissioning technical support to help expedite project implementation. Since we often propose Schneider Electric products in our solutions, the global end user recognizes the quality and reliability of PLC and control automation components. In addition, by providing regular training, Schneider Electric enables us to remain current on all the latest technology releases.

•Disparate and incompatible software systems

We also assist OEMs and end users in understanding the myriad of current automation software offerings, the machine and business benefits of the software, and how the various software components work together. We support OEMs by auditing software interactions on their machines and tuning the software to align performance with the business goals. In addition, by coordinating on-site visits and using programming tools, we help simplify machine operations and drive efficiencies to further manufacturing growth.

The value-add of being an Alliance Master Industrial Automation Distributor

We are proud to have been nominated as an Alliance Master Industrial Distributor. Attaining such a level of certification validates our industrial automation solution knowledge, experience, and capabilities. The attributes recognized with this nomination place us in a strong position to enable OEMs and their customers to thrive in the future.

For more information

Learn more about how machine builders and manufacturers can leverage automation solutions to address evolving business requirements. Visit our Botek website or the Schneider Electric page on machine control solutions.

Botek Automation

Founded in 1997, Botek Automation has established itself as an industrial electrical and automation leader by routinely producing quality solutions for its business partners.

Botek provides professional services throughout Turkey, with offices in 10 regions. The company offers domestic sales, foreign trade, logistics, and technical team assistance.

To ensure that its products are delivered to the customers the fastest way, Botek keeps a robust and well-structured inventory to meet its clients’ needs. Botek prides itself on friendly service and a solution-oriented approach, with a dynamic staff being one of its most important assets.

Schneider Electric Alliance Partner Program

Through the Schneider Electric Alliance Partner Program, we empower companies to develop new capabilities to better support the digital transformation of customers and work in partnership to strengthen business resiliency.

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