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Learn how to Maximize your OEE with Digital Transformation

Manufacturers today operate under a number of constraints including pressure on margins from volatile commodity prices, changes in consumer demands, and regulatory compliance related to food safety. Facing these challenges, an increasing number of manufacturers are adopting digital transformation to improve productivity, increase asset reliability, boost recipe agility and ensure product quality.

One area where digital transformation can have an immediate business impact is asset performance management (APM). By digitalizing asset management using an Enterprise APM solution, food and beverage companies can leverage IIoT capabilities to reduce unscheduled downtime, increase asset availability and maximize OEE.

Maximize your OEE with digital transformation

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Maximize your OEE

When considering the negative impacts of asset failure in food and beverage, it’s important to think beyond simply the lost production time from that one asset. An asset’s failure affects all the processes it is connected to, so the loss of even a non-critical asset contributes to process failure. This means that an asset failure can affect the efficiency, sustainability, and quality of an entire line, plant, and even business. Ultimately, an unreliable asset can be a major drag on a plant’s profitability.

Innovative food and beverage companies today are meeting this challenge by implementing Enterprise APM solutions that leverage APM 4.0 capabilities to improve asset reliability and availability. Enterprise APM solutions combine enterprise data capture, advanced analytics, mobility and cloud functionality in a hardware-agnostic platform. Integrated workflow functionality enable condition-based or predictive maintenance tools to detect and diagnose issues, which then trigger work orders based on pre-defined rules. This facilitates the transition to a proactive maintenance approach for improved asset reliability and performance, improving asset availability for optimized OEE.

See Digital Transformation in Action

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  1. Jaidyn Moore

    Digital transformation is impacting every industry.Its important for manufacturing industries understand lost production time, downtime and OEE measurement to gain relevant profits and to maximize production.