What Keeps Energy Managers at C&I Facilities up at Night

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Energy managers at large facilities have several concerns and priorities in today’s evolving energy landscape. These include optimizing energy usage, reducing costs, improving sustainability, and ensuring resilience in the face of various challenges.

Let’s take a look at a few challenges and how Schneider Electric is working with utilities to help Commercial & Industrial (C&I) facility managers sleep better at night.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation: Energy managers are constantly looking for ways to improve energy efficiency within their facilities. This includes implementing energy-saving technologies, upgrading equipment, optimizing processes, and educating staff on best practices to achieve better energy efficiency.

Cost Management: Energy managers monitor energy prices, analyze consumption patterns, negotiate contracts, and implement strategies to minimize energy expenses while maintaining operations. An important component of cost management is also managing demand costs; energy managers address this by participating in demand response programs that help optimize energy usage and potentially lower costs during high-demand times.

Sustainable Practices and Renewable Energy: Energy managers are increasingly focused on integrating renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, or geothermal into their energy portfolios. They are also exploring energy storage solutions and other sustainable practices to reduce the facility’s carbon footprint.

Resilience and Reliability: Ensuring uninterrupted energy supply and developing resilience against power outages and disruptions are significant concerns. Forward-thinking energy managers invest in backup power systems, microgrids, and other technologies to maintain consistency during emergencies. What’s more, renewable energy investments have the dual benefit of removing load from the grid, so companies are improving their resiliency while also supporting a more reliable power system for the entire community.

To achieve any of these goals, energy managers need reliable data. It’s essential for making informed decisions that lead to meaningful change and cost savings. For example, in-depth data alerts managers to anomalies, identifies overspending, or highlights energy-wasting behavior.

The best source for this data is the utility’s revenue meters. But historically, it’s been difficult to get revenue meter information to C&I customers quickly and in an intuitive, actionable format.

Energy Profiler Online (EPO) by Schneider Electric changes that. It facilitates the data and communication between utilities and C&I customers, helping energy managers address each of the challenges noted above – and helping them sleep better at night. Specifically, EPO enables utilities to provide C&I customers access to revenue meter data and analytics that help uncover energy efficiency opportunities, analyze costs against different rates and usage scenarios, monitor renewable generation, calculate carbon impacts from energy usage, and optimize participation in demand response programs.

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