The new energy landscape creates additional career opportunities for technical job seekers

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For today’s technical job seekers, a shift is taking place. As major players like Amazon and Twitter proceed with layoffs, exciting job opportunities are emerging in the new energy landscape. For those considering a career in renewable energy, there’s never been a better time to catch the wave with emerging new technologies and a variety of promising career paths.

With growing support from consumers, industry, and government alike, renewable energy is carving out an increasingly more significant footprint in our world. How quickly that happens relies mainly on having the technical talent needed to get there. Specialists and engineers who embrace the new energy landscape quickly will have a unique opportunity to become leaders and experts in the field.

We are hiring! Renewable energy job openings

Historically, Schneider Electric has led the way in sustainable solutions. Recently, we’ve acquired several up-and-coming companies focused on eMobility and energy storage in the prosumer space. As a result, we’re looking to hire new talent to play a role in this evolving energy landscape.

Check out and apply for open positions at Schneider Electric and our portfolio of prosumer companies, which include EnergySage, Qmerit, EV Connect, and AutoGrid.

CompanyCompany OverviewCheck Out Open Positions
Schneider ElectricProvides energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainabilitySchneider Electric
EnergySageOffers an online marketplace that provides homeowners with resources regarding going solarEnergySage
QmeritProvides installation services for EV charging and other electrification technologiesQmerit
EV ConnectDeliverselectric vehicle charging solutions for commercial, enterprise, hospitality, healthcare, education, and moreEV Connect
AutoGridOffers energy internet applications to enable utilities, renewable energy project developers, and energy service providers to deliver clean, affordable, and reliable energyAutoGrid

A wide variety of opportunities and career paths

Because renewables and energy management solutions are proliferating, companies in this space need talent in nearly every role. For example, at Schneider Electric and its prosumer portfolio companies, there is a significant need for software engineers, firmware engineers, power electronics, product management, test engineers, UX, and designers.

Also, these companies expand to meet the increasing demand for smart, sustainable, and renewable energy solutions, so do the career growth opportunities. For example, technical specialists often enjoy the chance to explore new roles and careers in areas like sales, marketing, and high-level management – all within the same company. Many of these positions also offer competitive salaries, benefits packages, and flexible work schedules. In addition, Schneider and it associated prosumer companies share the same values around diversity and inclusion, as well as a commitment to provide on-going learning opportunities and support.

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A chance to contribute to a more sustainable world

Of course, great compensation and the chance to be on the cutting edge of technology draw many people to careers in the renewable energy sector. However, one of the most significant rewards in this field comes from creating a more sustainable and resilient world. And it’s this drive to do good that has the most power to take careers to next level – both personally and professionally.

Interested in a renewable energy career?

Check out the current opportunities at Schneider Electric and its portfolio companies: EnergySage, Qmerit, EVConnect, and AutoGrid. Apply now to start your career in the new energy landscape.

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