[BeEnergyWise] Step 5: I want to reduce my home’s carbon footprint

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Did you know homes represent 20% of the total greenhouse gas emissions? If you are in this blog, this is probably something you suspected and decided to tackle. These 20% are mainly due to the energy we consume. Therefore, every time you reduce your energy consumption, you concretely act to reduce your own impact on the planet.

It is easier said than done. Energy is rather invisible behind our walls. Hence the importance of installing a Home Energy Management System. this type of smart home system is trendy as well as enables you to visualize your energy consumption real-time and advice you on where and how you could avoid wasting energy. If you have solar panels installed, you can also visualize how much you produce and what are the best decision to be made so you use the maximum amount of the electricity you produce.

Wiser helps you unlock energy savings by acting in various domains:

Energy Monitoring and load controlTemperature control ​Domestic Water heating controlShutters control 
Through one single app, track in real time where energy is consumed and and identify the most energy-intensive load. Acting on them on priority will enabler you to make the most significant energy savings.Home heating represents more than half of the energy bill. Control the temperature room-by-room and benefit from intelligent modes and insights. It will eliminate waste and help you further reduce your energy consumption.Save money by heating the hot water tank at the cheapest time of the day. In case you are equipped with solar panel, you can also prioritize to use your solar energy to power it.Sometimes simple automation can make sweet savings. Shutter control is one of them. Cool you home with almost zero energy and prevent heat loss thanks to intelligent roller shutters control​.

Power your home with solar​

Consuming less energy is a good thing for the planet, consuming energy which comes from a clean source is even better!

To this perspective, you can consider generating your own energy through photovoltaic panels installed on the roof. Even better, with a proper home energy management in place that can monitor and control the appliances and electrical systems, you can maximize the consumption of the energy produced by the solar panel.

  • Automatically power appliances or some devices as soon as solar energy is available (hot water tank actuator, EV chargers…).​
  • Store the surplus energy in a battery or for later use.
  • And finally monitor production and consumption through a single app!

Equip your home with products that comply with environmental regulations.

All Wiser products are marked with the Green Premium ecolabel, indicating compliance with regulations and providing transparent information on environmental impact.​

Whether you’re just beginning to explore home electrification or you’re already on your way to a fully electric household, Schneider Electric has a variety of solutions to help you take the next steps on this exciting adventure. We’re pioneers in sustainability; our innovations have powered homes for over a century. Visit Schneider Electric’s Connected Home page to learn more about taking your home to a brighter, cleaner future.

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