[BeEnergyWise Series] Step 2: I want to reduce my heating bill

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More than half of a home’s energy consumption is devoted to heating. Heating is thus the very first thing to tackle if you want to make subsequent savings on your bill. The great news is you can do so without impacting your comfort! In fact, heating is one of the areas where we are wasting a lot of energy, without actually knowing it. We rather often heat empty rooms; we keep the radiator on while we open the window to get fresh air; and the list goes on.

With room thermostats equipped with smart controls and room-by-room temperature management, there are a lot of automation you can set in order to avoid energy waste. Our studies have shown that you can achieve up to 32% of energy savings (Source: BEAMA).

Start saving with Wiser today

Wiser ecosystem empowers you to manage each room individually. It comes with advanced features and a diverse range of products designed specifically for efficient temperature management. ​

​With Wiser intelligent system, you can customize a lot of parameters to create the perfect scenario for your comfort:

  • You are leaving for a well-deserved holiday, simply activate the away-mode button in one touch
  • You open the window to get fresh air from outside? Wiser will detect it and automatically pause the heating
  • Say your kids are away at their father one week after each other. You can pause the heating automatically in their bedroom while they are away
  • The EcoMode button automatically determines to start and stop the heating at the right moment so to keep your temperature at the perfect level, and thus at the lower cost

What’s more? Controlling your heating is one of the most cost-effective ways to make savings on your energy bills.

Depending on the tariff of energy in your part of the world, the ROI can be as fast as 1 to 2 years. Count 5 euros per square meter for the initial equipment, that you might top up with the installation by a professional.

Wiser solutions for every equipment

Wiser is compliant with many different heating systems, whether you are equipped with radiators, underfloor heating, or a mix of both, whether you have electric heating or gas heating, or whether you are equipped with an air-conditioning system thanks to our partnership with Airzone. Pick your heating system to find the best fit.

Choose the right heating and AC products for your home

Control your temperature room by room according to your routine

Maximize energy savings and comfort at home with precise heating control.

To find out more about connected heating, visit: se.com/wiser

To learn more about home energy management systems like Wiser, and how they could help you reduce your heating bills, visit our website and switch to a wiser home today.

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