Building a shared sustainability legacy

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In my role as Home & Distribution President at Schneider Electric, I am consistently inspired by how we strive as a company to move towards our next frontier, ensuring people all over the world benefit from our actions and innovation.

It is the commitment, talent and passion of our incredible team that enables us to be a genuine pioneer in the field of sustainable energy solutions.

Making sustainable choices together

Our team works tirelessly to create products that are capable of making a huge contribution to the fight against climate change through energy saving and is always striving to understand changing consumer behaviour and to adapt to the needs and requirements of the global market.

It is no secret that evolving our lifestyles and behaviour is one of the most difficult challenges to overcome. Many people want to live more sustainably but don’t realise that they can take action to decarbonise, without sacrificing comfort.

We can’t live in a bubble separate from consumers – everything we do needs to always come back to serve their requirements.

Home energy efficiency report

Our recent report on ‘The Rise of Home Energy Efficiency’ – which surveyed more than 9,000 global consumers – gave us some positive indications that we are entering into a new era, where our aims and ambitions are aligned with the desires of households across the globe.

It’s encouraging to see consumers worldwide making lifestyle adjustments and home improvements that bring both individual and society-wide benefits.

The results of the survey revealed that 86% of those questioned rank increasing energy efficiency as the most popular home improvement action. Despite ongoing financial pressure, our research found that households are willing to invest significantly in energy efficiency measures, with an average spend of €1,926 planned in the next 12 months.

While these investments are of course welcome, it’s also great to see that consumers view managing household energy use as a top priority too, with 68% seeking to reduce the amount of energy they use at home.

Interest in technology to help monitor and reduce energy consumption is high. Over 60% of those surveyed want to track their daily energy usage and 40% view smart home technology as an easy and affordable way of reducing energy bills.

The results of our research were heartening to see, and I truly believe, based on the insight it has given us, that these trends are set to continue.

Sustained sustainability

Now, it is time for myself and the wider team at Schneider Electric to think about the next steps we can take to build on the efforts being made by households to play their part in a sustained lifestyle change that can help futureproof our homes and our planet.

This is something I have no doubts about our ability to achieve.

Our ultimate goal is to create a legacy to be proud of and I am incredibly grateful for the efforts the team at Schneider Electric are making to turn this goal into a reality.

Achieving aims with people

Throughout my career, I have seen that the success of your mission depends entirely on the people you have around you.

My focus is on empowering our team, getting buy-in and galvanising people to make connections and work in close cooperation across teams. We consistently see that teams that know and trust in one another are better motivated to achieve more.

Diversity and business meeting with staff, people or team communication, planning on corporate strategy and Building a Shared Sustainability Legacy

We are bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and different walks of life; people who feel appreciated, included and well taken care of; people who feel that there is a meritocracy of good work, talent and culture.

The global challenge we are facing is undoubtedly a tough one. The converging energy and climate crises have brought the way we consume energy to the forefront of people’s minds.

I am confident that we will make access to future energy and sustainable homes available to all through our technological solutions.

We will continue to champion the message that we can get to where we need to be, not only by educating partners and customers but by educating ourselves.

Everything is pointing towards a greater, deeper understanding of the role each of us can play in building a shared sustainable legacy.

At Schneider Electric, we are proud to be an impact company, and for years, we’ve been championing sustainability. We’ve been innovating technologies that help our customers achieve both sustainable and economic progress while enjoying energy resilience or independence.

The future is an exciting one and I believe that by working together and learning from one another, we will reach that new frontier, where sustainable living is accessible for everyone.

Read more about Schneider Electric’s sustainable goals here.

Michael Lotfy Gierges President of Global Home & Distribution Division
Michael Lotfy Gierges President of Global Home & Distribution Division

Michael Lotfy Gierges is Executive Vice President for the Home & Distribution division and has held the position since June 2023. ​

In this role, he has full responsibility for all aspects of Schneider Electric’s residential & small buildings offer and solution development, including strategy, R&D, market development, production and go-to-market, utilizing his extensive industrialization experience.

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