Empowering electricians across the globe

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As the world modernizes and the need for energy grows bigger, new electrical products are innovated, and new regulations and rules are enacted. In this ever-changing sector, it is crucial for professionals and new prospects to stay up to date with the latest information and skill sets. Well-trained electricians not only perform their jobs more effectively but also help keep themselves and those they work for safe. In some places where electrical injury is the leading cause of burn-related deaths, supporting electricians can play a vital preventive role in saving lives in the long run.

Electricians are responsible for handling intricate electrical work, which can be dangerous if not managed properly. In India alone, it is estimated that 34 people die a day from electrocution, making it clear that the education and support provided to electricians is a must-have. By properly training individuals on how to operate safely with electrical systems, the likelihood of workplace accidents and injuries can be significantly reduced. In addition, improved safety resulting from electrician training can help organizations avoid costly legal and insurance claims while boosting employee morale and retention.

Furthermore, more support is needed in different countries, for young electricians and for other underrepresented peoples, like women electricians. At Schneider Electric, we recognized these gaps and the need for electrician training and created solutions, from empowering women electricians in Argentina to training programs in countries such as Chile, Egypt and India.

Empowering women electricians

Women electricians often face challenges when entering and pursuing development in a male-dominated field. From a lack of representation and role models to systemic barriers and discrimination, women often struggle to find the necessary support and empowerment to pursue a career as an electrician. This is more common in situations where the industry culture and norms perpetuate gender stereotypes and bias. However, many women electricians are determined to overcome these challenges and pave the way for future generations of women in the profession. Our team in Argentina recognized this need for more support and encouragement by establishing a community that provides female electricians with the necessary resources to build their skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and seek advice whenever required. Electrician training and engaging activities are also formulated to keep the members up to date with the latest developments in the field. Apart from training a new pool of electricians, this initiative also enables people with diverse backgrounds to unleash their potential and pursue career growth, and it brings changes not only to their own living, but more social and economic benefits to their communities.

Empowering individuals to realize their true potential

It is of great importance for individuals pursuing or already working in the field of electricity to stay updated with the latest information and skills. By receiving thorough training and staying informed, electricians can perform their duties with more efficacy and ensure the safety of themselves, everyone they work with and the occupants of the home or building they are working on. Providing support to electricians can save lives in the long term, so Schneider Electric has developed electrician training programs worldwide. This kind of support can be seen at our factory and office in Chile. From June to October this year, we conducted face-to-face and online training for our electricians.

This electrician training program covered a range of topics, such as introduction to electricity, new Chilean electrical regulations, residential installations, residential and small business electrical panels, low and medium voltage electrical protection, selectivity and filiation in electrical protection and more. Groups of electricians attended our face-to-face training sessions each, while online training sessions had 30 to almost 50 participants. Such training programs aim to provide additional support for professional electricians, keep up to date with new trends and technologies in the field and discover innovative solutions that will open the door to new business opportunities.

Another training program is available at the Electricians Home/Hub in Egypt. The newly updated hub has been renovated with sustainability in mind and so far, more than 120 electricians have participated in the program. These sessions have been broken down to include eight to ten electricians over the span of thirteen weeks, where they have gained knowledge and understanding of safety practices and Schneider Electric product handling and support from the instructors and their peers. This also creates great opportunity for electrical professionals to connect with each other, learn from one another, and establish a true community.

Encouraging the next generation of electricians

In addition to offering training programs for experienced electricians, it is equally vital to focus on educating and motivating young, aspiring electricians as the electrician community is an aging population. By providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills while also instilling a sense of passion and dedication towards this profession, we can ensure that the future of the electrical industry remains bright and promising. This will not only benefit the individual electricians themselves but also contribute to the overall growth and progress of the industry. In India, we ran a program called Dishaa to train young electricians at two centers located in Andhra Pradesh. The topics covered were Schneider Electric products and automation, the electrician program, and Schneider Electric in general. The results have been promising, with more than 70 electricians trained. Other encouraging news is that the success in Andhra Pradesh will now open up opportunities for another ten centers. Hopefully, we will see more young electricians trained to serve the local communities and bring long-term impacts.

Making direct impacts through electricians

Electricians are the ones who have direct access to households and in-person communications with end-users about electrical safety and efficiency. By supporting ongoing training and development of electricians across communities with different needs, we see positive moves toward better safety.

We are so proud to see our teams listen and act on initiatives, with the goal of strengthening and uplifting the electrician community globally. Seeing more people pursuing a career in electrical work is rewarding because it is crucial for modern life and our safety to have enough electricians to support the community. Looking forward, our teams will keep providing various resources and platforms to encourage this career path, helping electricians grow their knowledge and skills, and supporting their career development. This ongoing development of a skilled and knowledgeable electrician community will play a critical role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of electrical systems worldwide, for now, and tomorrow.

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