Embracing inclusion and diversity

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Innovation is impacting our lives in many different ways. The spotlight is usually on a product or solution’s effects on how we live and work, or in a broader sense, how it impacts our environment or society. Behind the scenes, however, people of different backgrounds, cultures, experiences and perspectives are the real heroes who make such impacts possible. As part of a company like Schneider Electric, I am always happy to see how our products benefit our customers. However, what excites me more is seeing how our teams collaboratively bring a long-term positive impact with our innovation. The key to achieving our goals lies in the people involved, including employees, partners, and end-users. To truly make a positive impact across different communities with different needs with our innovation, it’s essential to prioritize and embrace inclusion and diversity.

Powering up different communities

At Schneider Electric, inclusion and diversity are core to our mission. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The actions we must take should encompass all who deserve to be provided with access, support and respect. Communities come with different cultures, perspectives, priorities, and everyday habits. To ignite an idea and make it work in a specific scenario for a particular community is always challenging; it takes a vast amount of time, effort and workforce. We can look towards initiatives such as the recently launched Women Electricians Community as an example of our commitment. Our team in Argentina launched this initiative to empower the Women Electricians community there, showcasing our dedication to providing equal opportunities for everyone, everywhere, including both our employees and the community around us.

Empowering the women electricians community in Argentina

We believe that having more women in the workforce, partaking in all forms of working, including leadership roles and trade roles, is critical for the success of businesses and the broader community. In Argentina, our team identified a gap within the electrician community, which was the need for more proper support and training for women within the field. Traditionally, we see more male electricians in the trade, but we recognize that a woman workforce is a hidden potential Our Argentina team listened to feedback of the existing women electricians there to understand more about the challenges they were facing.

Individually, what they need most is training and guidance, including technical knowledge, skill training, connection with the trade and business practices. Seeing the market needs and the potential of the women electricians, our team proactively established a community to support women working within the trade, helping them build skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and seek advice whenever necessary, including:

  • Organized Training: It is exciting that the well-designed content and engaging format have attracted active participation of women in the community. On top of hard skills, we also organized general technical activities to keep all members updated with the latest industry trends and technology. We also invited a gender and trade expert to interact and provide valuable insights to help women electricians improve their skills and grow their businesses on a more sustainable basis.
  • Community Sharing: The group regularly shares updates about our products, which has been met with positive feedback. They have also become more organized to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, sharing of products and trends, and even planning of activities ahead. The community shows commitment to improving the lives of its members and fostering a sense of togetherness among women electricians from diverse backgrounds.

Making equal workforce possible

Apart from the positive impacts on these individuals, we are also seeing its impacts on the ongoing development of the trade and driving a more equal workforce in the market. The initiative goes beyond assisting existing women electricians, and more importantly, it encourages more women to pursue a career within the trade equally. More women can become aware that there are equal opportunities to understand the trade, learn the skills, realize their potential, and ultimately join the electrician workforce. In the long run, the growing participation of women in electrician jobs will also help make the overall workforce equal and equitable.

Inclusivity and diversity to bridge up people and communities

This initiative is just one example of how we are bridging the gap between people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and perspectives. To make an initiative a success, we listen, we create opportunities, and together we make long-term positive impacts. I am proud to be a part of a diverse team that not only creates innovative products and services but also caters to end-users and partners by embracing inclusion and diversity.

To learn more about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Schneider Electric, visit our website.

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