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Asian Technology Excellence Award – Empowering electricians in India with the award-winning “mySchneider Electrician app”

As we march into a more electrified home in the digital era, working closely with partners and local communities in the ecosystem, from builders, and designers to electricians, is crucial to drive efficiency and sustainability. To empower our partners to effectively support the local communities, we have been launching local initiatives tailored to the needs of locals. We are delighted to share the news that our innovative “mySchneider Electrician ” app, catered to the specific needs of electricians in India, has won the esteemed “Asian Technology Excellence Awards 2023” for the Mobile – Electronics category.

Asian Technology Excellence Award - Empowering Electricians in India with the award-winning “mySchneider Electrician app”

Our teams always value electricians in our community who can deliver our quality and innovative products to end-users and enhance efficiency and sustainability. To enable this community to effectively help the end-users, the mySchneider Electrician app was created to better engage and support electricians in India.

Unique challenges in India  

In India, electricians’ customers are budget-conscious, demanding efficient and cost-effective solutions. While electricians there are mostly entrepreneurs who rely on mobiles to access information. Understanding their needs, our India team developed a helpful solution with the mySchneider Electrician app. Before this, electricians in India only had contact with Schneider Electric through distributors, retailers, or their own customers, depending on reactive channels for the latest product information, quotes, and rewards. 

Enabling quality service via comprehensive support  

With the app, electricians can receive timely support for product availability, trustworthy deals and discounts, effortless access to product information, straightforward product selection and installation, tutorials, technology updates and even join loyalty programs for rewards. As a member of the International Hub, we are proud to see that our local team’s initiative brings game-changing impacts for our key partners and, ultimately, the local consumers.  

Community-feature creates opportunities 

The mySchneider Electrician app goes beyond the traditional use of an app for rewards and loyalty programs. Instead, our teams in India wanted to create a platform for the electrician community. In 2021, as the pandemic intensified, electricians in India faced increasing challenges in effectively delivering services due to lockdowns and negative market situation. Our teams took another proactive approach to upgrade the app with timely features, including:  

  • New invoicing feature: In India, many electricians who run small businesses do not use invoicing software and instead rely on handwritten bills. With these updates, we are meeting the market’s needs and helping more electricians effectively manage their businesses and create opportunities despite geographical constraints.  
  • Digitized reward system: We have streamlined the reward feature to enable electricians to redeem rewards easily and avail loyalty program. This has become especially helpful during the pandemic as the electricians become more engaged.  
  • Improved security: Security is also enhanced to securely link up personal profiles for support. 

Recognition for mySchneider Electrician app’s innovation The Asian Technology Excellence Awards, organized by the prestigious Asian Business Review Magazine, ultimately recognizes the region’s leading technological projects and innovations. It honors companies at the forefront of digital transformation, leading their industries towards technological revolution. This accomplishment reflects the tireless efforts and close-knit collaboration of our talented teams across the country, who have worked to bring this cutting-edge solution to fruition. We are immensely proud of the achievement and remain committed to delivering top-quality solutions that empower and simplify the lives of our valued users. 

mySchneider Electrician app. Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Schneider Electric integrates process and energy technologies to drive digital transformation and electrification, not just by our own teams but most importantly, with our partners, and for the communities. The mySchneider Electrician app embodies our core values, and we remain committed to prioritizing open standards and partnership ecosystems that align with our values of Meaningful Purpose, Inclusiveness, and Empowerment.  This award marks a milestone in our work, and together we will create many  in our journey towards a more sustainable future for all.  

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