Smart home technologies to be the centerpiece of IFA 2022

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Schneider Electric at IFA

What are the latest digital home energy trends? How will our homes become smarter, more efficient, and sustainable? IFA 2022, Europe’s biggest technology showcase, will share the latest developments in consumer electronics, home appliances and smart technology from the 2nd – 6th September 2022, in Berlin. Schneider Electric will have a strong presence at this year’s show, presenting our latest whitepaper on the psychology of smart home tech adoption, and taking center stage with a keynote speech on how smart home technologies and energy savings can help to reduce CO2 emissions and be part of the solution for a sustainable world.

Why the IFA?

IFA is Europe’s biggest technology showcase, held in September every year in Berlin, and attended by most of the major players in the industry. At the IFA, more than 1,000 exhibitors present the latest developments in consumer electronics and home appliances. The IFA is open to organizations, journalists, consumers, and anyone who is interested in the latest trends in technology.

This makes it the perfect setting to reiterate our pledge – sustainable living is not only possible within homes, but is also a necessary step to ensure homes reduce their carbon emissions. It is a lesser-known fact that 20% of the world’s carbon emissions come from homes and residential buildings. Therefore, while an individual home might feel like a drop in the ocean, the collective impact of all our homes makes a big difference – and every little drop matters. At Schneider Electric, we are a strong believer that smart technologies are one of the key ways to ensure your home becomes more efficient and sustainable.

Keynote speech

In our keynote speech at IFA 2022, Gwenaelle Avice-Huet, Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer at Schneider Electric, and Bidisha Nagaraj, VP Global Marketing, Schneider Electric, will talk about why smart homes make sustainability easy. Avice-Huet, says, “It’s the home of the future we’re innovating for, with smart home energy management at its heart. We want to give everyone access to a sustainable future and continue to decarbonize our planet.

Sustainable Home of the Future booth

Schneider Electric will also have a physical presence in the show. The Sustainable Home of the Future booth has built-in kitchen, garage and living spaces, all made out of wood, which can be repurposed for future fairs. We’ll display our latest energy-saving technology in-situ, as well as a stage space for innovation talks.

Schneider Electric’s vision for the Sustainable Home of the Future will be seen through live demonstrations of how consumers can connect all the elements of home energy under one roof. Easy to control, each device can be managed through an app, which allows different systems to interplay with each other and be personalized to the homeowner, making it as comfortable, energy-efficient and self-sufficient as possible.

Innovations Talks

Sustainability is a global agenda, and one of the many benefits of a sustainable lifestyle is energy conservation. Today, energy has been in center of most of over conversations with family, friends and in professional settings, even, businesses and governments are speaking about energy with new zeal as lets admit it soaring energy prices are really putting daily lives and economies in distress. So our focus on our “Innovation Talks” from IFA 2022 is, “Actionable Sustainability” – insights which are practicable and practical in every sense to help you achieve your net-zero goals. Sustainability and energy conservation, like everything else, need to start from home.

Our livestream is on following topics, register now to get virtual access to our live stream 

  1. Build with Matter: A Promise to a Home Ecosystem
  2. Smart Home 2.0: Be a Net-zero Citizen
  3. Solar-powered homes: are they worth it?
  4. Your mindset is the most affordable tool to improve energy efficiency at home
  5. What if charging at home doesn’t increase your electricity bill by 40%?
  6. Imagination Made Possible: From Fishing Nets to Light Switches
  7. 5 ways a smart home can save you energy
  8. How to Design the Right Thing Responsibly

Building on our previous presence at IFA

At the last in-person IFA event in 2020, Schneider Electric presented the idea that sustainable smart homes could be a reality for consumers within the next ten years. As a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, we revealed our blueprint for the Sustainable Home of the Future and launched a range of new smart home energy solutions under our Wiser brand. Now, at IFA 2022, we have the opportunity in-person to demonstrate our vision even further with our latest innovations. We will be launching:

  • Schneider Electric’s new EVlink Home Smart charger: the first on the market to integrate seamlessly into the wider Wiser home energy ecosystem, empowering users to monitor EV power consumption in real-time, predict spending, and easily set budgets with four different modes: ‘charge now’, ‘green charging’, ‘cost effective’, and ‘customized schedule’.
  • Our all-in-one Wiser App – the one-stop shop for Home Energy Management: the foundation of effective Home Energy Management, the Wiser system App is able to monitor the entire electricity consumption within your house and monitor all the appliances, in particular, the biggest energy guzzlers.

The opportunity for Schneider Electric at IFA 2022

In the current era of rising energy costs, it is vital for consumers to invest in smart home tech for financial and sustainability benefits. At IFA 2022, we are offering a live demonstration to help consumers see for themselves how they can use smart tech in their homes effectively, and why they should start now.

For people around the world, energy and cost efficiency in the home has to be a top priority, and we want consumers to know that sustainable living is not only possible within homes, but is also a necessary step to reduce carbon emissions – this is the key message we’ll be promoting at IFA 2022.

Come and visit our stand and find out how smart home tech can help consumers to save energy and tackle climate change.

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