Square D X Series light switches and receptacles are making an impact across industries

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Most people use light switches, dimmers, and receptacles in their home every day without thinking about them. They don’t consider aesthetics, ease of use or alternative options because, after all, these are just tools to turn the lights on and off, right? Wrong.

Since launching our Square D X Series light switches, dimmers, and receptacles, we’ve been crossing the country showing builders, contractors, interior designers, and homeowners that it’s time to expect more from these devices – there are alternatives with greater features and more modern aesthetics and this message is getting out!

As Seen on TV

Recently, This Old House featured Square D X Series Wi-Fi connected light switches and receptacles in their season 43 home. The electrical contractor brought it to the high-profile job because of the modern design.

That said, what he noted to be “very cool” was the energy monitoring that is built into all X Series Wi-Fi connected devices. Now, using the Wiser Home mobile app, the homeowners can see how much electricity is being used by all their X Series light switches and everything plugged into their receptacles.

Lighting Up Instagram

In the Instagram era it’s no wonder interior designer content creators are turning to beautifully designed, flush-mounted wall plates to put the finishing touches on their spaces.

Recently, Kate Rumson (@katerumson) showed her followers the difference between generic light switches and receptacles and the “builder-grade” X Series, explaining how the matte finish and screwless wall plates offer a modern, cleaner look. Her followers also saw how she used  Square D X Series black receptacles to make outlets discreet in her new bathroom.

Welcoming the Accolades

There are many Wi-Fi connected, “smart” switches and receptacles on the market, so when X Series was recognized by the IoT Breakthrough Awards as their Connected Home Product of the Year, the honor was all ours.

The award recognized the X Series for offering homeowners a way to directly monitor their electricity, a reflection of our focus on making homes smart and sustainable by allowing homeowners to make informed decisions about their usage, save money, and reduce their carbon footprint – all from their phones!

Speaking of phones, Schneider Electric was also recognized on Fast Company’s  prestigious list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for our latest innovations in the home energy management space including putting energy insights into the palms of homeowners’ hands via the Wiser Energy mobile app, We’re still riding high knowing that we continue to be recognized on a global stage as we push the boundaries and empower homeowners to make the most of our energy and resources.

After a full year since launching the X Series light switches, dimmers, and receptacles, we’re continuing to set the bar and we’re thrilled to see so many expecting more from what we put in our homes.

Learn more about Square D™ X Series light switches, dimmers, and receptacles here.

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