5 reasons why this is the best time to go for Home Automation!

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  1. Work from home is here for good

You’re now aware that going to office every day is a thing of the past! You know you’ll now be working on a hybrid home-office-home environment and thus your home needs to prepare itself. If you’re thinking what preparation your home needs then the list is way too long and but here are some handy tips

    1. You stable and high speed wi-fi connection needs a UPS to ensure a power failure doesn’t steal your thunder, during your call
    2. You need home automation to ensure you don’t run with your laptop to switch on / off your lights, fans and other appliances, while your calls are on
    3. Continue reading and you’ll realize there are much more benefits that home automation will help you with

  1. Too many home deliveries disturbing your calls?. Here’s a solution you always wanted.
    1. Yes, from grocery to veggies, electronics to seafood. From same-day delivery to next-day delivery and more. If you get disturbed by delivery agents, maids and other help during your work hours, there is a seamless and secured solution to your rescue – A smart doorbell.
    2. Not only does it tell you who’s outside, but also you can speak to them and tell them to wait or drop the parcel outside. Yes, we love this feature too
  1. Security is on top of your mind!  
    1. This smart doorbell ensures you get an alert in case someone is standing in front of your door – Well that’s an intrusion alert via a motion sensor! Yes, you heard it right
    2. And what’s more – there’s a night vision too! We’ve got it all covered you see
  1. You’re tired of finding the right remote at the right time – I’m a victim of this search myself.
    1. So, from the fire tv stick remote, to the tv remote and the DTH remote. And that’s not the end, the AC remote too.
    2. Now control all your IR (Infra-red) remotes through your home automation app, and from anywhere.
    3. Imagine moving from the living room to kitchen and then to balcony yet switching on and off every applicance you desire – Yes it’s true.
    4. With IR controller, all your remotes sync into the home automation app and give you complete control

  1. You’ve always wanted to know which appliance (s) in your home is the energy guzzler
    1. Experts say, you can only save when you can measure.
    2. Now get monthly reports on your energy consumption, monitor trends and much more, you will have complete control and knowhow of your energy bills.
    3. And you thought this was all about spending. We have got something to save too.

All this and more is possible with Wiser – The smart home solution from Schneider Electric. This solution is for existing homes too and can be deployed in under 4 hours and you can choose what you want! Are you still thinking?

The possibilities are endless. Should you want to speak to our experts or want our experts to connect with you, visit the Wiser page here.



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