Why Battery Backup is a Must Have to Protect Your Smart Home’s Network

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With smart home technology, our dependency on apps and voice commands, to play our favourite music, stream shows, change the room temperature or lighting, has grown manifold. This necessitates the need for a robust battery backup for devices like router to run and provide an uninterrupted access to internet connectivity and Wi-Fi.

In the U.S., Wi-Fi is one of the top wireless technologies. In a survey of over 1000 adults, conducted by the managed service provider iQor, nearly two-third (64%) of them said that they cannot survive without Wi-Fi for more than a day. This makes sense and validates, more so, as consumers’ need for a smart home technology includes all the basic home amenities, from automated lighting, heating, air-conditioning to washers and refrigerators, connected by internet.

People at Zion Market research expect the global smart home market to reach $53.45 billion by the end of 2022.

Today, both Wi-Fi and internet connectivity are synonymous with entertainment. About three quarters (74%) of the U.S. households have a connected TV device, like Amazon Fire, or Apple TV, according to the latest Leichtman Research report, “Connected and 4K T.V.s 2019.” Just under one-third (32%) have a smart TV, the report found. Several urban users are even “cutting the cord” on their cable TV and opting for streaming services instead.

UPS acts as a shield to expensive devices

Other than supplying backup power, a UPS battery protects appliances from the potential damaging effects of power surges. What are surges? They are short bursts of high-voltage power that can damage sensitive appliances like smart speakers, television, and routers. They are common in nature that can result from lightning strikes or utility work, and other weather conditions. Even appliances like air-conditioners and refrigerators can cause surges as they cycle on and off. One way of protection is by plugging devices into a power strip with surge protection built-in. Another way is through UPS that offers surge protection, in which you do not need a separate surge protector strip. You can easily find a UPS with multiple outlets to power your router, TV and other smart devices, placed near your entertainment centre. Several UPSs come along with USB ports that provide power to smartphones and tablets, and at the same time protect them from surges and keep them powered through an outage.

Selecting a Battery Backup Solution for Your Home

You can never go wrong with APC by Schneider Electric. They have a long history of ensuring certainty in a connected world by providing its users with battery backup and Uninterruptible Power Supply solutions for all kinds of requirements, from the largest data centres to increasingly, smart homes.

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  • When picking out a security system that fits nicely into your smart home environment, you’ll want to find one that has a cell and battery backup. You will also want your connected sensors to be battery powered.

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