What is Remote Controlled Switch Board system? What are its advantages?

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We are increasingly becoming used to smart home automation, and the ease it offers as it instantly connects us to various home appliances and helps us operate them with ease. All of us are living in a connected reality where every gadget that we have is equipped with advanced remote connective solutions. Have you ever wondered how the old fans, room lighting, and air conditioning system can also be involved in this revolution? The answer is they can be with the help of remote control switches/ switchboards.

What are remote control switches and how do they make your life easier?

Remote control switches were built to meet the needs of the connected reality we live in. With the help of remote control switches, your life can become way easier. Well following are a few reasons. 

It is built for your house and office:

  • With the help of this remotely controlled switchboard placed in your home and offices, you will save a lot of time and money. These switches are perfectly suitable for not just your house and office but also restaurants, hotels, shops, and any other commercial environments.

Saves a lot of money:

  • Remote control switches are equipped with two-way switches, which help save a lot of money and, at the same time, allow hassle-free control over your significant equipment.

Provides protection:

  • Many companies such as Schneider Electric make sure that they build the switchboards completely spark-proof and prevent direct contact with wire-connected systems. It prevents any accidents and ensures the safety of the customers.

What are some significant benefits of remote control switches?

These were some of the key attributes of the remote control switchboard and how they add value to your house and office. Here are some of the advantages that come with it.

 Help save energy:

  • What the switchboard does, is that it allows you, to exercise better control over the regular electrical equipment remotely, hence making it a powerful energy-saving solution. Now you can switch off the lights and fans without moving from your seat, which will save energy and electricity bills.

 Provides ease to elderly and differently-abled people:

  • The remote-controlled switchboard adds great value to the life of the elderly and differently-abled people. It provides them the freedom to switch on/off the lights or fans remotely without moving one inch.

 It is hassle-free:

  • Now, when you talk about the installation, it is completely hassle-free. With Schneider Electric, you just need 4 hours to convert your entire house into a smart house, plus you don’t have to do anything with the existing wiring in your house or office. Moreover, with remote control switchboards, you will no longer be dealing with wires.

Final notes on remote control switches

Keeping the aforementioned advantages aside, a switchboard with remote control switches makes your interior smarter and perfectly in sync with your modern house and lifestyle. If not anything else, this smart way of operating lights, fans, AC, and thermostats is a good reason for buying a switchboard.

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