Schneider Electric Electrician Program is now 500k strong!

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To our electrician partners, with thanks

They are known as sparkies in Australia, contractors in the United States, artisans electriciens in France, and elektrikers in Sweden. But no matter where our electrician partners are from or what title they go by, I am profoundly grateful to them. Because they are our connection to our homeowner customers.

Of the approximately three million electricians worldwide, one in three touches Schneider Electric products every day. As such, an essential part of our job is to help our trade partners do theirs – confidently, efficiently, profitably, and with ease.

That’s what Schneider Electric’s Electrician Program is all about. Today, more than 500,000 electricians are loyal members of the program. And we are committed to these valued partners for the long-term, providing the products, tools, and training they need to hone their craft and deliver value to their customers.

Tools and training to build their business

With digital technology going mainstream, demand for electrical installations and upgrades is increasing at an unprecedented pace. Schneider Electric has always supported electricians in their daily professional life, and we are especially with them now. Through a dedicated digital ecosystem, our trade partners have direct online access to trainings and certifications that enable them to respond to the electrical requirements of today’s ever-changing home and business environments. With enhanced skills, our partners are able to differentiate their offering, meet new customer needs, create larger margins, and build a more profitable business.

Learning from podcasts, webinars, and peers 

The Electrician Program allows members to advance their knowledge and capabilities in new and convenient ways. Podcasts and webinars are especially popular. These always-available learning vehicles feature leading industry professionals to help electricians grow their skills and create new business opportunities. For example, one popular recent podcast provides an overview of electrical vehicle charging solutions. Another episode discusses how connectivity is re-shaping electrical distribution in buildings of all types.

In addition to providing ongoing learning opportunities, Schneider Electric fosters professional community-building on various social media platforms. Facebook groups enable electricians to share tips and photos, ask for advice, take advantage of special promotions, and get easy access to expert content and assistance. And on LinkedIn, electricians can watch our executives interview trade partners from around the world on topics ranging from industry trends and supply chain issues to the latest expectations of customers.

Support in good times and bad

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we have stayed at the side of electricians, supporting them remotely. Our teams from around the world have helped our partners respond to new virus-related business requirements and make the most of their downtime by upskilling through online learning opportunities. In fact, the number of electricians using our digital tools has increased 67% since the onset of the pandemic. Five times as many partners are participating in our webinars. And when we launched a podcast for electricians in the United Kingdom, it ranked among Apple’s Top 40 New Business Apps.

Here for you, whatever the future brings

All of us at Schneider Electric salute our electrician partners and thank them for their professionalism. We are there for them in good times and bad, and look forward to continuing to team with them, to our mutual benefit.

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