What to consider when selecting an electric switchboard at home?

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Electrical switchboards are a key component of the power distribution system in your home. The various electrical panels in a switchboard split the power into smaller components and transmit them across different devices. It even carries out a controlling function and hence acts as a protective device for the power system in your homes. So, it is extremely important that you dedicate as much time, effort, and resources towards installing switchboards which will help you avoid instances of electric shock. Here are a few key aspects to keep in mind while choosing an electric switchboard for your home.

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The protection of your family and the building should be the first viewpoint that is considered while purchasing an electric switch board for your home. Since switchboards regulate all aspects of an electrical system, it is important that you learn the details and specifications of the equipment which will adequately suit your home. It is always more reliable to consult a qualified electrician who can guide you and help you understand the specifications required. Make sure you pick a device that transcends all the safety needs of the building.


You need to estimate the right locations to install your equipment. Designating places for switchboards during the planning stage make the process much easier. The room allocated for installing your switchboards should be large and well aerated. It is commonly observed that most of the electrical rooms are determined at the end of the planning stage resulting in small spaces. Also, it is important that you limit the entry of kids to this room in order to prevent electrical hazards.


Efficiency is yet another critical point that needs to be taken into consideration before choosing an electric switchboard for your home. Only an efficient switchboard can function in unforeseen situations. The efficiency of a switchboard and its functionality are correlated. If you wanna make it user friendly, colour coding can be used for your devices. You can also consider using an electric switch that has an interlock mechanism. This will safeguard the entire circuit system from control failures.


Quality and reliability are what will determine the lifespan for your electrical equipment. Always use switchboards of established brands which have matched all quality and safety standards. Try receiving feedback from friends/family peers or a qualified electrician to evaluate the commonly used brands who deal with electrical household equipment. It is always desirable to choose brands that will provide you with stellar customer service and long warranty periods for your devices.


Qualities of a switchboard depend on several factors such as the type of construction, the capacity of current & voltage it can hold, and the insulation type. A few types of construction require unique designs, and in the case of such customisations, it is always safe to depend on a credible brand for their experience and knowledge. They can offer you a specialist who is skilled in strategising advanced electrical technologies according to your needs.

Installation & Maintenance 

It is advisable to call a company expert or a qualified electrician for precise installation. In addition to this, during the purchase, you should read through all the terms and conditions of warranty and double-check the maintenance services offered by the company.

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