Smart home systems upgrade electrical safety regulation

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Wiser Energy is key to a smart and safe home.

In this all-digital all-electric world, surging energy and data demand has become the lifeforce of the modern home. The rise in house builder concerns over electrical safety are beginning to find an answer in smart home technologies.

Wiser energyHouse builders face an enormous challenge over the years ahead. The transition to clean energy will be overwhelmed by electrical safety issues as global energy consumption grows by almost 50% in the next few decades. Extreme weather conditions and rising demand will also place a strain on grid infrastructure and may cause blackouts or power outages.

What house builders need to meet this challenge are the digital tools that offer insights and control to help homeowners manage their electricity usage and minimise such disruptions that could cause deadly electrical safety problems.

With the increase in connected home devices, energy management is critical for safety and sustainability, but it has yet to be thoughtfully addressed for the homeowner in a way that puts them in control of how much they use and makes them aware of any electrical safety problems as they occur.

While regulatory developments have, in recent years, made homes safer, without real-time visibility of energy usage a burgeoning electricity demand will only create more electrical safety issues like Arc-faults, for example – unintentional low-voltage discharges that escape the detection of circuit breakers and devices. These hazards have been addressed by regulatory powers with the introduction of an Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) in North America and an Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD) in Europe. In both regions they are required to be installed in every living space except bathrooms.

Smart home systems can upgrade electrical safety

Square D™ Wiser Energy smart home monitor, using the Square D edition of Sense app helps with electrical safety.
Square D™ Wiser Energy smart home monitor, using the Square D edition of Sense app.

An energy management system can significantly upgrade the safety and efficiency of electrical installations. The Wiser Energy system, a connected home solution, helps to educate homeowners on the energy usage of devices across their home, including devices that are not “smart” or connected.

Wiser Energy detects and identifies all appliances within the home and uses Schneider Electric’s grid-to-plug advantage to manage the flow of electricity delivered from the electric grid to the devices and appliances plugged in at home. Homeowners can use the Sense app to track energy usage, receive updates if the dryer cycle is still running, or get alerts if an appliance is malfunctioning or requires service.

With this information homeowners can be empowered to reduce the risk of potential expensive energy bills, deliver protection and safety for their home, or, for those with alternate energy sources such as solar, control and manage how appliances leverage different energy sources.

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A look at the benefits of Wiser Energy

Wiser Energy brings peace of mind to homeowners by making electrical installations safer and more efficient.

  • Displays energy consumption by meter: electricity, gas, and water (separate meters required)
  • Displays solar production and your home energy flow
  • Displays energy consumption by appliance, i.e. kitchen or outdoor pool, air conditioning or hot water
  • Monitors energy expenses
  • Analyses consumption with hourly, daily, monthly graphs
  • Generates real-time energy consumption reports
  • Compares consumption trends with previous months
  • Connects to your home while you are away
  • Notifies/alerts in the event of anomalies as well as for energy targets, including power outages, contract limits, reaching or exceeding monthly energy targets
  • Allows you to input service provider details and tariffs

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