The Easiest way to decide if you need a Smart Home

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I often have two stark and immediate thoughts when I enter an exotic restaurant, first whether I’ve made the right decision to experiment and second what to order from the menu? Whether to go for a smart home or not is a similar feeling and it’s exactly like tasting a dish, from that restaurant.

How is a Smart Home like tasting a dish?

  • Unless you’ve experienced and/or tasted it, you’ll never know how over the top amazing and satisfying it was.
  • There’s always a little skepticism when experimenting something new and then a sense of self-pride that kicks in “I ordered it” followed by the Instagram posts

So, here’s my list of questions which will help you decide if you need a Smart Home or not

  • You are working from home and are mostly on calls?

If yes, then a Smart Home with innovations such as home control and home automation is your ultimate savior. From switching off the squeaky fan to reducing its speed or switching on the extra light just before the video call to ensure you don’t look like a ghost in the darkroom. All this while sitting on the chair or on your bed with your headphones on! Yes, you don’t move but all you do is take your phone out and press a few buttons or simply ask Alexa to do it.

  • You love to relax on the couch after a long day at work (read work from home)?

If yes, then here’s a solution to help you control your entire home while still lying on the couch. From switching off the fan of your study for which you’re getting multiple reminders to drawing the curtains which you’ve left open while returning from the balcony. Everything can be controlled while you enjoy your stay at the couch

  • Your bed is far from the fan switch?

Imagine it is 3.30AM and it suddenly gets cold in the night and you’re tasked with the mighty responsibility of getting down the bed and reducing the fan speed! Sounds familiar. Worry no more, this is an act of valor which all of us have braved. No more acts of bravery, get a Smart Home, and control all your fans and lights through your phone.

  • Your day is not complete without Yoga / Meditation?

You definitely need a Smart Home as this is the time when you want the least disturbance and this is when Murphy’s law kicks in. This has happened to everyone, exactly at the time when you’re about to start, you’ll be asked to switch the geyser on for someone or switch the fan off since the baby is feeling cold, and more. All this will now be possible sitting on your yoga mat

  • You always felt if you could dim your living room light for a movie night or an evening get-together?

Dim it for a movie night or after a hard day at work when you just want to relax with a nice warm yellow light. Your eyes are going to thank you for this!

  • Last but not the least – You have an old home and there’s nothing new about it?

Ta-Da, There are Smart homes that will fit into your existing home without replacing any switches for home or any new rewiring. Yes, it’s possible.

  • You’ve always been a pioneer in your group to embrace technology?

From spending hours in line to buy the iPhone or updating your Android to the latest version, if technology gives you a kick and you love to be at speed with it then a Smart Home is something you should get your hands on to. Flaunt it and it’ll never cease to surprise people.

If you feel, you have a yes for more than 4 of these 7 questions then you know the answer yourself. The cost of experimentation may be cheaper than the amount you spent on your phone so that’s another reason why you should give it a try.

Should you feel the need to go for a Smart Home, here’s what I recommend to check. Explore Wiser here.

I’ve experienced all the above at my place without any damage to my walls or any new rewiring. Wiser comes with my recommendation, for your home. It’s a new level of convenience altogether.

Here’s to trying new things!



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