Why You Should Give a Smart Home Solution to Your Parents

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Life expectancy has increased significantly over the last century. In fact, a recent study by the World Health Organization suggests that the number of individuals over the age of 65 will be greater than children under the age of 14 by 2050. This obvious shift in age demographics raises concerning health and standard of life challenges for both ageing parents and their children.

Scientific advances such as smart home technology for the elderly, often referred to as assistive technology, are promoting and extending independent years for the elderly who would need extra attention and care in the coming years. The three primary reasons as to why you should consider offering smart home products for your parents include –

Safety & Security 

Senior citizens are suspect to a host of mental and physical illnesses which can hamper their well-being. Seniors living with these conditions may neglect activities such as turning off lights, leaving taps on, or —most alarmingly—leaving stove tops or ovens on. Smart-technology can help detect abnormal appliance use, by sending alerts to seniors and their caregivers when unusual activity is detected, enabling quick & remote responses. Even appliances like televisions and geysers can cause great damage if left on for extended periods of time due to negligence.

Another prominent for senior citizens living alone is the threat of theft whenever they leave the house. When not at home, the lights can be controlled from a mobile application to ward off any possible intruders who may think the house is empty.


An important aspect of elderly care is efficient precautionary measures in the case of medical emergencies and unforeseen contingencies. Being able to control and regulate all devices in a home is a major advantage for the elderly who have physical or mental conditions which affect their productivity. Remote access control also allows the elderly to keep physical activity minimum when it comes to regulating different appliances in their homes.

Cost – Saving 

From the above points, it can be concluded that not only do smart home solutions offer security and convenience benefits but can also play a huge role in reducing costs. The ability to control devices from a mobile phone ensures that they are on only when required – it is easy to keep track like this instead of having to manually check every few hours. This significantly reduces electricity bills and even saves energy – an extremely scarce resource in the deteriorating environment of today.

Independence enables a high quality of life, and it must be appreciated how quickly smart-home systems play a role in catering to the needs of the elderly. There are multiple providers in the sphere of smart home automation, a prominent example of a global brand would be Schneider Electric. Easy Homes is the brand’s latest innovation – a smart home & home automation app product. This system functions in sync with Alexa as well. With the help of this technological system, users can regulate and control multiple electrical points, electrical appliances, curtains, blinds, etc with the help of a mobile application. The installation and electrician services are free of cost. A reputed brand like Schneider Electric could offer ideal solutions, especially for the elderly.

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