Why One Should go for Smart Homes – Not Only for Luxury but Also For Safety

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Smart home technology and smart home solutions are on the rise, both in terms of product availability and prevalence. However, much like other new innovation-driven developments, quite a large chunk of the audience perceive it as an unnecessary add-on or a luxury option. In truth, smart home products offer quite a few benefits, even beyond saving money.

Smart home appliances can be entertaining, that’s for sure, but they also have the ability to increase your family’s peace of mind, health, and overall security. All these devices act in sync via a convenient & full smart home system that can be easily set up through internet connectivity over the internet. Different elements of a smart are their benefits in securing a home are explained below –

Tackling the risk of theft – One of the biggest concerns for the elderly is the risk of theft when they leave their homes for extended periods. Video intercoms in sync with some sort of voice activation can connect family members who aren’t physically present in the same room, or even in the same building. Similarly, lights can be turned on or off through remote control – an application – to keep possible intruders away.

Electric damage to appliances – Heavy-duty appliances such as televisions, microwaves, and even geysers can cause significant damage in case of an electric mishap. Smart home technology permits users to turn off these heavy-duty when not in use. This significantly negates the risk of fatal electric damage. With the growth of smart technology, basic health safety is gradually becoming a must, especially for the elderly.

Convenience – The fact that remote control access comes with smart home technology is another added benefit for elderly homeowners. It reduces the burden of physical activity when controlling the different appliances in a house. This function offers a sense of security and safety to the elderly, keeping them at peace when it comes to constantly worrying if they have left the geyser/stove/microwave on. Not only does it offer physical peace but mental peace as well

If you’re interested in further exploring smart home security solutions for residential purposes, an eminent brand in the world of smart home automation is Schneider Electric. The brand’s recent flagship offering – Easy Homes is an integrated smart home & home automation app product. It is Alexa compliant as well. With the help of this technology-driven system, users can administer multiple electrical points, electrical appliances, curtains, blinds, etc with the help of a mobile application, and in turn, safeguard their homes and its residents. The installation and electrician services come complimentary with the installation of the system.

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