Gear up for the Festive Season with Schneider Electric

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Each passing year, homes all around the country eagerly await the festive season ranging across the span of two to three months during this time of the year. The two primary festivals of this time – Diwali and Dussehra are occasions every individual – young or old love to celebrate and enjoy.

Dusshera is known to be the festival of wealth and joy – as well as the celebration of the victory of good over evil. The festival essentially celebrates new beginnings and the triumph of light over darkness. The actual day of Dussehra falls on Tuesday, 8th of October this year. The festival generally falls between the middle of October and the middle of November, although this is decided upon by the Hindu lunar calendar. The word ‘Dussehra’ is obtained from two Sanskrit words – ‘dasha’ and ‘hara’ – that mean defeating the ten.

There are multiple and unique stories behind this festival. One such legend believed is that the Goddess, Durga fought a demon, Mahishasura for 10 days straight, before defeating him. This 10-day period is referred to as ‘Navratri’, while the final day is celebrated as Dussehra. One of the other legends explains Dussehra as the celebration of the destruction of the evil ‘Ravan’ in Hindu Mythology. According to this legend, Rama, Laxmana, and Hanuman and their troup marched to Lanka to kill Ravana who had abducted Rama’s wife Sita. It is on Dussehra that Rama killed Ravana and saved his wife. After killing Ravana, they all returned Ayodhya and that is when Diwali was celebrated by lighting thousands of lamps for their welcome. The festival of Dussehra is celebrated to mark this event by burning the effigies of Ravana in the evening.

This much-awaited period is also coined as the celebration of lights. It is a common tradition that during the festive period, individuals and their families light up their homes with traditional ‘Diya’s’ or with flashy and attractive electrical lighting – commonly purchased from commercial markets, to celebrate the light and happiness in our lives. These pervasive celebrations expectedly increase multiple avenues of business – most particularly the domain of electrical lighting & other devices. Homeowners strive to revamp their homes with new devices and systems, as well as purchase lights and light fixtures to truly celebrate the festival of lights.

One of the leading players in the sphere of electrical devices & appliances is Schneider Electric. The brand offers a wide array of unique products and services in relation to the festival of lights – for residential purposes. These include devices and appliances in the realms of electrical protection and control, home automation, home security, electrical switches and sockets, light switches, network infrastructure and connectivity. Some of the prominent switch ranges which can amplify the look of your home this Diwali are –

Ulti switch – EZinstall ULTI Dimmers & Switches are available in a wide range of finishes and styles, featuring European design elegance. Also, the units feature blue or amber LED O-ring backlight with easy-to-use push buttons for on/off switching and dimming.

Neo switch – Neo switches feature a modern and elegant design. The range also features a blue LED backlight with easy-to-push buttons to facilitate on/off switching. The switches utilise British Standard electrical wall boxes, making them simple to fit and install to supplement a host of different interior designs.

Livia switch – The Livia switch range is a classy wall-hugging device with a conventional finish on soft white high gloss polycarbonate. Its thin-wall hug, with a unique surface design, makes it dust-free and convenient to maintain. The elegant yet curved body of this switch guarantees it as a perfect addition to any home.

ClipsalX – Much like the ‘painted ceiling’ trend, which adds extra depth and structure to the look of a room, the ClipsalX promotes contrast and continuity with its sleek look.