3 Reasons Why You Must Check Your Electrical Fittings Now

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It is crucial to inspect your electrical fittings regularly and check the number of home appliances your house can support, especially if you stay in an old building. Switches, Sockets, MCBs, RCCBs must be tested for their efficiency and optimal output.  Regular checks ensure any potential damages, defects or non-compliance with safety rules, can be quickly addressed to avoid accidents and fatalities.


So, how frequently should you go for inspection? Ideally, it should be done annually. Here are three main reasons to examine your electrical fittings:

  1. Surges

Often during a bad weather, surges are common. These electrical surges can ruin your home appliances, cause short circuits and damage your switches and sockets.

  1. Fire

Electrical short circuits, usually, are the common cause of building fire. Short circuit is a result of loose wiring in meters or in cabling. With timely inspection, one can identify the impending mishaps.

  1. Shocks

Although, minor electrical shocks do not result in casualties, but it may lead to injuries. These shocks also hamper the performance of appliances, partially and sometimes, completely. A thorough inspection can identify the faults and save you from accidents and risks.

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