A Unique Vision on Home Interior Design from the Industrial Design Experts

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When it comes to home innovation, we all live in a fantastic new era. Inventions such as a self-cleaning water bottles that use UVC LED light to eliminate bio-contaminants, or home walls that are totally customizable are leading us down a path where the possibilities seem infinite. As consumers, we have entered an age where an ingenious design, simple in look and feel but rich in functionality, can be built with environmentally responsible, and reusable, materials.

On the home office front, ingenuity through product design is one of Schneider Electric’s core philosophies. Our dedicated engineers consider not only end user comfort and convenience in the products they design but also simplicity and safety for those interior designers and electricians who are tasked with planning and installing new homes or improvements to existing homes.

Inventiveness and attention to detail make the difference

Consider our Unica System+ line of home workspace and office designs based on freedom and ergonomic comfort or our Unica light switches with interchangeable covers or “skins” for interior design flexibility. The emphasis on design of these solutions embraces a “two faces” (back and front) approach which serves the needs of both consumers and electricians.  On the consumer side, users benefit from beautifully designed products that match their style and innovative products that offer a higher degree of ergonomic comfort and safety.  Electricians, on the other hand, benefit from clever features that simplify installation through modular designs (fewer parts to carry) and backwards compatibility with previously installed versions. These products are symbolic of a blending of our core competencies:  advanced engineering that is useful, detailed and ingenious and practical creativity that is pleasing to the eye and meaningful.


Our success is fueled through close partnership with our global interior design and electrician communities. We solicit their input on what their customers need. We also share the common philosophy of leveraging design to transform an existing situation into a preferable situation. As a result, Schneider Electric has been the recipient of over a dozen home design industry awards including the 2019 RED DOT Best Product Award for Unica.

As interior designers from across the different regions of the world are joining us at the MAISON&OBJET exhibition in Paris, we discuss lifestyle fashions and trends and share our unique vision about how interior design is transforming the lives of all of us. Our curiosity and attention to detail helps not only our interior design partners to be more flexible, but also offers our electricians an assurance that our products are safe and easy to install.

To learn more about how we change lives in creative and practical ways, visit our Smart Home and Energy Management web site.

Facts about Schneider Electric:

  • 30 in-house design engineers
  • Offices across five continents
  • 26 design partner agencies
  • Recipient of 23 design team awards
  • 150+ new products designed and released every year
  • A global network of 2 million electrician partners

Meet Schneider Electric at the Innovation Summit Barcelona, October 2-3, 2019. Register now.

More details about the Innovation Summit Barcelona here.

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