Why Does Your MCB Trip?

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Before we venture into the primary focus of this article, the first thing we need to answer is – what exactly is a Miniature Circuit Breaker? An MCB is an appliance employed to automatically switch off or deflect an electrical circuit during irregular or unnatural situations which could subsequently damage the appliances in a system. Such situations normally arise either due to a situation of overload or an unforeseen defect. Miniature circuit breakers are now desired over traditional fuses due to its greater sensitivity to overloading. These devices are typically manufactured in varying pole versions such as single, double, triple, and four pole structures with different faulty current levels. The reasons leading to these situations can be explained below.

Overloaded Circuit

 The overloading of a circuit is a major reason leading to frequent short-circuit tripping. A circuit breaker trips if it is attempting to draw more power than it is intended to carry.

It suggests that the household has multiple heavy power appliances that are operating simultaneously on the same circuit the internal sensing mechanism in circuit breaker heats up and breaker trips. This happens usually by means of spring-loaded component in the breaker. Heavy power appliances on the same circuit generally lead to a situation of excessive electricity consumption, creating an overload.

Short Circuits

 Short circuits are dangerous and can occur at any given moment. This situation arises when a hot black wire comes within the proximity of a neutral wire or another hot wire provoking the circuit to overheat, eventually leading to a short circuit. When these hot wires touch each other, it can lead to the generation of a lot of heat, which signals the circuit breaker to break the electricity flow. It is simple to spot a short circuit because it is accompanied by a strong burning smell which can be detected even from a distance.

Faulty Ground Wiring

 Faulty ground wiring can lead to hot wires coming in contact with the ground wire of a metal outlet box. In this situation, the circuit breaker can detect it and trip. However, unlike the previous two reasons, simply resetting the MCB will not solve the problem and is only a temporary fix. Fixing the ground wiring is the way to fix the problem.

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