Ease the Installation of Switches and Sockets with Schneider’s Electrician Locator Service

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Ever since its inception, Schneider Electric has cemented itself as one of the preeminent businesses in the sphere of Digital Transformation of Energy Management and Automation in Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure, and Industries.  The company has an extensive global dominance across more than 100 countries, making it an international leader in the spheres of Power Management (Medium Voltage, Low Voltage and Secure Power) and in Automation Systems. Their fundamental offerings include combined efficiency and energy solutions, automation, and software.

Having already established themselves as a leader in various sectors, Schneider has expanded their business onto an e-commerce domain as well, aiming to further grow their wings and offer accessible and time-effective services to their consumers. They offer a host of services on their e-commerce websites, ranging from selling their flagship electrical switches and sockets, such as the Livia switch, Neo Switch, Zencelo Switch, Clipsal Switch XOpale Switch  amongst other Schneider switches. The switch price is coupled with an option to buy online itself. Along with these unique products, to enhance customer personalisation, the domain has a host of other services as well to increase the user experience.

However, the standout feature is the ‘Electrician Locator’ service. This service essentially provides customers with a hassle-free process of requesting technical help and guidance, through something as simple as a few clicks. Customers are expected to mainly use this feature if they need technical assistance with the installation of new products or reparation of old ones. To avail this innovative service, customers simply have to enter their location on the e-commerce website under the ‘Electrician Locator’ section and then set a pre-defined radius for search. After doing so, a list of professional electricians will appear on the screen, with information pertaining to their name, phone number, and approximate distance presented. This allows users to contact them directly and request whatever assistance they may require when it comes to the installation or reparation process. Please note that the electrician will be fully responsible for commercial negotiations/contracts and Schneider Electric will not bear any loss or damage caused.

By inculcating this new-age service on their e-commerce website, it shows the business acumen and understanding of Schneider Electric when it comes to understanding their customer’s requirements and needs. The interface and presentation of the website are easy to understand, which motivates users to purchase electrical switches online and even avail the services of customer support and assistance.