Smart Lights Are the One Smart Home Gadget for Everyone

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Today, with the help of the technology humans have made the dream of a smart, sensible home come true. The invention of smart lights has not just upgraded the lifestyle but also made it easy. The smart home gadgets have not only prioritised functioning of lights effortless but also added safety to homes.  You may think that smart home gadgets can only give you the option to play with your light, but what if it is more than that.

Imagine if your smart home gadget can exhibit who’s on your door or if you can regulate your thermostat or AC when you are not around. Well, smart home gadgets comprise of all these features. The perfect sensible lighting solution like Schneider Electric have put all the essential electronic elements within bulbs, switches & sockets and, mobile application that helps you run your home on a click.

Here are some key advantages of the smart home gadget:

Control lights with your voice

Walking into a room with hand full, flip on the lights with a voice command. With the help of the conventional light switches, you can flip your lights on and off. But with the help of the smart home gadgets, you can control sensible lights with your voice command, iPad, phone or the smart switch. You can pair with a voice-control sensible speaker and command the sensible light.

Fear about the brightness and the shades and not the wires

Why worry about the wires when you have smart home gadgets. With smart lights, you can change the look and mood of the ambiance around. Make the home go bright as the sunlight and dim when its movie night, with smart home gadgets you can light up your house in the color you like.

Schneider Electric is one such trusted name that offers a wide range of electric solutions that customized as per the needs of modern-day households. If you are planning to install smart home gadgets in your home then listed are the range of switches and sockets:

  • ZENcelo Switch is the range of flat switches for people who wish to style their home in vogue
  • NEO Switch is a standalone residential lighting controller
  • Livia Switch is a range of extraordinary products which is a fan controller and dimmer.
  • Opale is a range of satin finish switches for domestic installation
  • ULTI Switch is the range of dimming controllers
  • Wiser ODACE lighting is a switch more than just light. A light with many moods.

Revamping the house has been made easier with the stylish range of smart home gadgets.