Revamp your electrical fixtures using modern electric switches and sockets accessories

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The next generation modern electrical switches have revolutionised the electrical sphere. The ones that are now introduced in the market are safe and easy to use. In addition to the safety standpoint, these switches are available in a range of beautiful wall mounting options that make the home look beautiful with its excellent aesthetics and not like the switches we have used previously.

The switches that were used in households earlier have now been revamped to eliminate the challenges faced by people earlier. Here are some of the features that make the new age switches, sockets and accessories more viable than the existing ones:

Safety loaded features: Smart electrical switches keep our life hazard free; thus, in these switches safety always comes first. Smart switches have safety shutter sockets, which closes automatically when not in use. These sockets are even more useful with homes where kids and elderly people reside.

UV rays resistant: One of the major threats in the environment is the UV rays. The modern electrical fixtures that are placed outside in the direction of sunlight are safe from any cracks or damages. While searching online, one might find switches that do not crack or melt even when under extreme sunlight. These switches are made of high-quality material thus, durable.

Ease of installation: The modern electrical switches offer ease of installation. These switches come with loading installation pack of a switch, mount plate, and screws. The person can easily remove or add a specific part in case of damage. Moreover, if the switchboard undergoes a breakdown, it is not required to change the entire board. New parts can be brought and assembled there and then to keep the switchboard working.

Soft Switching Mechanism: Unlike the traditional hard button clicking of switches, the modern day switches are effortless. They come with soft switching mechanism making the operation soft, smooth and easy. Moreover, these switches do not produce an irritating humming sound that switches used earlier used to produce. With the help of soft switching mechanism in smart switches, the people can rest assured of the noise as well.

Design that suit every wall and texture: The electrical switches and sockets accessories are sleek and can be mounted on designer plates. There are numerous options available online with various designs and look astonishing on the walls of homes. The sleek and designer mounting plates give an elegant touch to the wall they are mounted on. These switches do not look odd on the wall; instead, it makes the wall and décor look more beautiful.

Additional features: When you buy modular switches online, you are bound to find features like sensors, schedulers, app-based controller and dimming controls in switches.

One of the biggest players in the production and supply for such switches and switchgear is Schneider Electric India. The company is a pioneer in engineering products and customise them as per the needs of modern-day households. If one wishes to buy electric switches online, the wide range includes:

  • NEO, which is a standalone residential lighting controller
  • ULTI, the range of dimming controllers
  • Opale, which is a range of satin finish switches for domestic installation
  • ZENcelo is the range of flat switches for people who wish to style their home in vogue

Revamping the house has been made easier with the stylish range of modular switches. Check the entire range and price of Schneider switches online!