An Introduction to the Design Lab Team

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Design details make a difference. A product’s interface, materials, and finishes all help determine how useful that product ultimately is—and, indeed, if it gets used at all. That’s true whether the product is used in a data center, a factory, a hospital, or a home.

Schneider Electric Industrial Design and Ergonomics is a team of more than 25 industrial designers from the top art and design schools around the world, led by me Frederic Beuvry. Our design offices are strategically located across five continents in France, India, China, Australia, Mexico, and the United States. This ensures our designers develop a deep understanding of each culture’s design trends and work style so that our solutions meet the unique needs of customers everywhere. Since 2009, the team has won more than 20 prestigious design awards.

The basis of the team’s philosophy comes from Nobel Prize winner, Herbert Simon: “Design must change existing situations and transform them into preferable situations.” This philosophy drives our approach to creating products that don’t just look good, but improve the user’s quality of life.

When we engage with a product, we judge the strength of its design by several objective criteria:

  • Is it innovative? The team often begins each new project by spending time with customers to learn about problems they’re dealing with. We then imagine and incorporate ways to mitigate or solve those problems into the new product.
  • Is it useful? Whether it’s a light switch or a circuit breaker, a product must be intuitive to understand and operate to truly serve the user.
  • Is it long lasting? Electrical products are typically in use for 10-20 years, so they must be constructed with durable materials and avoid adhering to fickle design trends.
  • Is it environmentally friendly? Products should minimize the use of potentially hazardous substances and maximize energy efficiency for the user.
  • Is it aesthetically attractive? Even the most innovative and useful product will not be welcome in people’s homes if it is obtrusive or unappealing.

Products like the Mobiya TS170 S portable lighting system exemplify the value the design team offers. It puts an innovative spin on the conventional lantern, using solar energy to charge this battery-powered LED lamp and provide up to 48 hours of lighting when you’re camping or otherwise away from an electrical source.

It can also be seen in our Odace light switches and sockets, which transform electrical fittings into fashionable and functional décor with stylish materials and finishes and support for state-of the-art technology through USB power supply, cell phone charging, and other innovative features.

Schneider Electric’s Design Labs are committed to developing the best solutions for our customers around the world. To get a full understanding of the work we do, read more about my design team, and learn more about how they are working hard to ensure that the products we deliver are designed to improve your life.

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