Mix & Match Your Great Design

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It’s a well-known fact that good design is all in the detail. And detail, like electrical switches and outlets, can add depth and character to your interior designs, as well as bring greater home comfort and convenience. Planning a new interior design project?  Looking for inspiration for your new switches and outlets? We’ve come up with a great new user-friendly app that allows you to visualize switch and socket designs that match your tastes.

Mix & Match brings your design ideas to life

A wealth of designs and functions

Mix & Match is designed for smartphone, tablet and PC. Simply select and display your ideal switch or socket range according to shape, color, and material, and give your home that ‘wow factor’! Mix & Match is available for both iOS and Android devices and is simple to use. Benefit from a wide range of practical features including:

  • Programmable lighting scenarios & ambiances
  • Presence detectors
  • USB outlets
  • Thermostats

Now you can design your home interior with switches and sockets that perfectly reflect your unique personality and lifestyle. Go for that traditional look, or experiment with completely unique and bold design combinations. Bring your ideas to life. Home design’s never been so much fun!

Design is in the details

Bringing your home interior designs to life

Browse through the various designs including the Unica, D-Life, and Odace range. Design with 2D or 3D images, using the various designs to visualize how the shapes, colors, and materials would look in your room. Drag your preferred switch or outlet onto the desired background, or drag it onto your actual wall by adding photos to your personal library. Mix & Match also includes useful product information such as product numbers and technical spec data.

With Mix & Match, you’ll find your ideal switches and sockets in minutes – for a modern and stylish home interior that perfectly projects your lifestyle. Let your inspiration run wild!

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