‘Is this a Smart Home?’ 7 reasons why this’ll be your next question when buying a home

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Change is the only constant – this statement might be a cliche, but there’s a change which is going to transform the way you’ll look at homes. Increasing pressure and a tiring lifestyle is crippling all of us today. Out of the 168 hours in a week, an average person spends 40 hours in office and 90+ hours at home. While in office you’ve got the perfect ambiance, lighting, AC, automation etc, how you wish you had a likewise control of your home too? A Smart Home is the answer to your lookout. Smart Home

1. There’s a room for every room – Each room in your house can be turned Smart and intelligent. From geysers in the kitchen to sprinklers in your lawn; From your bedroom / bathroom lights to your living room appliances; Most importantly your kitchen and the gas leak trauma which you always go through, whether-I’ve-left-the-gas-open? A Smart Home will flag off an alert in case you have. A Smart Home will know when you’re home and when you’re not and accordingly optimize (read switch on/switch off) electrical gadgets /appliances and circuits of your home. You couldn’t have asked for more, right?

2. The comfort of being there even where you’re away – Monitoring what’s happening in your house, be it your baby with the maid or your elderly parents, you can not only see but exercise control on the AC / geysers / lights / TV / Curtains and almost all electrical appliances. Isn’t this next-gen? And you thought it’s only possible in Sci-fi Hollywood films!

3. Impress your guests with the mood lighting function – What if you said, ‘let’s watch a movie in your living room’ and that very moment your room transforms into a theatre? i.e. The lights go off, projector turns on, screen comes down and the DVD player switches on. Now that’s like being the Tony Stark of your house. Don’t miss to catch the glimmer of surprise in your guest’s eyes!

4. Going green and fostering sustainability – Well, you’ve been talking about it and may be writing too, but now is the time to contribute to the society and the world at large by opting for a home that is energy efficient. Being a part of the trend towards green living, while enjoying the ultimate control at home. Ladies and gentlemen, smart may be the new green.

5. Safety and Security, redefined – Admit it, your daily fights as to who’ll lock the main door? In a Smart Home, you’ll be able to lock all doors with the touch of a button and sitting inside, you’ll get to see who’s outside. Also, your trips will be more peaceful with perimeter protection device to flag off alerts on any suspicious activity around your house. You might want to introduce yourself as the new 007!

6. Your residential society will be smart too – Builders are looking to provide a holistic experience to their buyers and are not only making homes smart, but are rigging the society with ultra-smart gadgets – Sensors in stairs to avoid unnecessary lighting usage, club, spa and party hall booking facilities. Concierge and register-a-complaint, register-a-service are being provided too!

7. All the above, on your handheld device – Everything that we talked about above, will be integrated together as an app on your cell phone and your tablet. An app from which you can monitor measure and control your home while being at peace of mind irrespective of the place you are. There’s more to what meets the eye and this app will be a classic definition for this proverb.

Running a home can be a daunting task, given the multi-faceted applications that run inside. Technology companies are striving to harness technology in a way which comes handy for consumers and makes them spend more time in things which they love to do. A Smart Home can definitely be a welcome change to our lives and help us experience more comfort, convenience, safety and above all, a better life.

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  • Sushil chharia

    5 years ago

    Smart home is morale booster & capable of elevating your capabilities to achieve better & strive to achieve them relentlessly & more, make you a superman in eyes of wife & members of family.

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