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Hospital resiliency

Hospital Resilience: 7 Ways Smart Systems Can Help

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Construction of a sustainable building

Partnerships helped us fight COVID-19. They can help in the climate battle, too

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healthcare building automation

4 Ways Digitization Helps Healthcare Facilities Adapt to the New Normal

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Hospital Patient

How Smart Environmental Controls Become a Critical Success Factor for Hospital Patient Comfort and Safety

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building automation in hospitals

How Building Automation Systems Help Deter the Spread of Infection in Hospital Environments

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doctors in a hospital discussing hospital infrastructure

5 Reasons Hospital Emergency Resilience Extends to Facility Systems Preparedness

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hospital workers looking at hospital preparedness

Hospital Emergency Preparedness Must Cover the Basics of Infrastructure Resilience

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Schneider Electric

Stronger Together, Mobilized for the Fight against COVID-19

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Assessing your options for rapid healthcare capacity expansion

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Six Steps Hospital Facilities Can Take to Reduce the Risk of Spreading Infectious Disease

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Healthcare Facility

Healthcare in Transformation – the Present and Future of the Healthcare Facility EcoXpert Community

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physical security support

Digitization Bolsters Healthcare Physical Security Where It’s Needed the Most

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The Digital Transformation of Australia’s healthcare industry

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Tips To Help Get Your Healthcare Project Funded

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The best hospitals are safe hospitals

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Building 20

Designing Healthcare Facilities with Change in Mind

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Schneider Electric Healthcare

Big Data is a really Big Deal in Healthcare… in a number of ways you might not have thought about

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Matriculating Healthcare Team members into Healthcare Facilities Directors

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Is energy efficiency the key to hospital financial health?

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Retrofitting Your Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility Schneider Electric

Looking Ahead: Best Practices #7 and #8 for Retrofitting Your Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility

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Can physical environment big data make a big difference in your hospital?

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Benefits of Mobile Apps for Patients and Seniors Schneider Electric

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Patients and Seniors

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8 ways hospitals can benefit from an “intelligent infrastructure”

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The Hidden Dangers of Hospital Noise Schneider electric

The Hidden Dangers of Hospital Noise

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