Designing the optimal hospital microgrid

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Hospital microgrids: helping boost resilience and cost savings, on and off the grid

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Hospital microgrids: going beyond backup generators to ensure resiliency

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Mersin City Hospital - EcoXpert

Mersin City Hospital: Award-winning EcoXpert Project for Improved Efficiency, Safety, and Comfort

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Mersin City Hospital - EcoXpert

Mersin City Hospital Optimizes Power Management with EcoStruxure for Healthcare

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Healthcare Maintenance Savings

EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare* solution enables Regionservice Skane to save $2.8 million annually

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Sumner Regional Medical Healthcare Facility Upgrade

EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare solution gives medical center potential savings of over $1.6 million over a 15-year period

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energy efficient rural hosptial

EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare helps rural hospital achieve an affordable energy efficiency makeover

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St. Luke's Data Center Cooling

InRow cooling infrastructure helps Saint Luke’s Health System with Life-or-death uptime needs

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HIMSS 2019: Lessons and Key Takeaways

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Samuel Simmonds Data Center Cooling

NetShelter CX gets Alaska’s New Memorial Hospital up and running quicker

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University of Rochester electrical infrastructure

EcoStruxure™ Asset Advisor provides “intelligence” to medical center’s electrical infrastructure

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Best practices in regards to the 21 CFR Part 11 and Wonderware Software

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Hospital Nurses spend years training to deliver specialized patient care.

Wasted Time and Energy: The Unnecessary Burden on Hospitals

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Healthcare energy solutions will be a key focus at the New England Hospitals & Facilities Summit

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NetShelter Schneider Electric APC

The Perfect Server-Room-in-a-Box for Healthcare Clinics

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Building Accelerator Methodology Life Sciences Schneider Electric New Contruction Retrofit

An inside look at designing building automation for life sciences facilities

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Condition-based Maintenance is a MUST for Electrical Distribution Infrastructure

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Your Hospital’s Survival Depends on the Ability to Signal and Adjust

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Genentech Retrofitting Schneider Electric

Genentech: How One Company Made Retrofitting Work

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Schneider Electric Healthcare

Big Data is a really Big Deal in Healthcare… in a number of ways you might not have thought about

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business continuity plan

No Room for Risk: A Sound Business Continuity Plan Is a Must for Healthcare Facilities

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Static or Rotary UPS: Which is Best for Your Application?

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Money talks. Are you listening?

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Arc Flash Standards Update: Making Sense of the Latest Requirements in the NEC, NFPA 70E, and OSHA – Webinar Thursday April 2nd

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Top 3 components of a solid healthcare security program

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Is your hospital a breeding ground for healthcare-acquired infections?

Is your hospital a breeding ground for healthcare-acquired infections?

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Improving Hospital Support Systems and Facility Efficiency with IoT

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Can hospitals improve patient safety with color?

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Two Unexpected Ways Building Automation Might Benefit Your Hospital

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The Role of Energy Managers Is Changing: Are You Prepared?

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Your Attention Please! How to Combat Alarm Fatigue in Hospitals

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Battery health: Why your UPS batteries deserve good health care too

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Strategies for Controlling Costs for Clinics and Offsite Ambulatory Care Centers

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Digital Medical Imaging

3 Core Challenges of Installing and Supporting Sophisticated Diagnostic Equipment in Hospitals

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Medical research improved through efficient laboratory workplace settings

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