Assessing your options for rapid healthcare capacity expansion

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Six Steps Hospital Facilities Can Take to Reduce the Risk of Spreading Infectious Disease

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Healthcare Facility

Healthcare in Transformation – the Present and Future of the Healthcare Facility EcoXpert Community

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physical security support

Digitization Bolsters Healthcare Physical Security Where It’s Needed the Most

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building automation in hospital

Modernized Building Automation Systems: An Easier Way for Healthcare Facilities to Achieve Regulatory Compliance

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GAME CHANGING TECH! – Shielded Solid Insulated System Medium Voltage Switchgear

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Making hospital microgrids affordable to implement and operate

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Designing the optimal hospital microgrid

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Hospital microgrids: helping boost resilience and cost savings, on and off the grid

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Hospital microgrids: going beyond backup generators to ensure resiliency

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Mersin City Hospital - EcoXpert

Mersin City Hospital: Award-winning EcoXpert Project for Improved Efficiency, Safety, and Comfort

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Mersin City Hospital - EcoXpert

Mersin City Hospital Optimizes Power Management with EcoStruxure for Healthcare

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