‘Wise’ Signals ‘Experience’

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Just to change it up a bit, we’re going to use a different term here. Instead of the ubiquitous term ‘smart energy’, we’re going to suggest Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation is putting ‘wise energy’ to work to support its sustainability strategy.

The Chicago-based North American business unit of Suzlon operates more than 60 wind farms across the United States with more than 1250 wind turbines. Together those turbines generate approximately 2500 MW of electric power.

To protect its considerable renewable power commitment, Suzlon makes sure its monitoring center staff knows what weather conditions pose challenges to its infrastructure and crews. Turbines are prone to lightning strikes. Strong winds can be dangerous for crews at height on the towers. Ice makes the blades heavier and impedes power production. The monitoring center depends on Schneider Electric’s internet-delivered weather information service, created to help professionals make wind power efficient, effective, and safe.

There’s one element of that service, in particular, that Suzlon counts on: professional online meteorological consultations. The Suzlon staff can ask specific weather questions of experienced forecasters via computer or mobile device, to get answers they trust. The monitoring center manager reports they use this feature “all of the time…it’s fantastic.”

Putting the insight of experienced professionals to work for efficient and safe wind power – that’s what we call ‘wise energy.’


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