Why Square D Lighting and Appliance Panelboards are the Best Choice for Your Next Project

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Electricians trust Schneider Electric for its industry leading innovations and reputation. So, it’s no surprise that they choose the company’s panelboards for electrical distribution in projects from the smallest to the largest. Panelboards safely provide electrical distribution from the outside supply for multi-unit residential builds, such as townhouse complexes and condos, commercial projects, including high-rise office towers, and industrial and institutional projects, from manufacturing sites to hospitals.

Regardless of the scale and scope of the project, clients also have the peace of mind of knowing that they’re working with a supplier that has sustainability at its core aligned with our Green Premium initiative.

Innovative by design

Square D offers the broadest range and highest reliability for final distribution applications with Schneider Electric’s full lineup of enclosures, breakers, and add-on neutral terminals to choose from.

  • Square D panelboards can be ordered factory assembled or ready to install (RTI) onsite. Ordering RTI panels means you take advantage of modular construction and maximize availability

Square D panelboards accept plug-on or bolt-on circuit breakers and installers have easy access to Schneider Electric’s full suite of accessories.

  • NF panelboards can be configured with an 800-amp main breaker, providing increased flexibility as opposed to moving up to a combination I-Line/NF Panelboard, saving you space, time, and money on your project.
  • NQ Panelboards can accept multiple two-pole, 200-amp branch breakers, reducing the need for a double-tub configuration. Again, this saves valuable space on the jobsite, and time and money getting the project finished.
  • NF and NQ are the only final distribution panelboards to offer:

–800A MB to 65kA @ 480Y/277 Vac

–600A MB to 100kA @ 480Y/277 Vac thru Stock

–600A Sub-feed breakers thru Stock

  • All Schneider Electric panelboards are produced under the company’s Green Premium program which ensures the entire manufacturing and distribution process meets the highest regulatory and environmental standards and that all products are built energy efficiently and with a minimal CO2 footprint.

Schneider Electric continues to unveil new products to help you get the job done. The new vented NEMA 3R enclosures, for example, provides up to 600-amp service in outdoor settings. The 8¾”-deep and 26”-wide enclosures are available in a variety of heights, from 62” to 92”.

Time-saving solutions

One of Schneider Electric’s most popular innovations for distributors and installers alike is the Square D TBPANEL accessories kit. When installing on a busy jobsite it’s almost inevitable that something will get misplaced or go missing, leading to costly delays ordering and picking up replacements before the installation can be completed. The TBPANEL is like a fishing tackle box filled with a variety of essential items. Including:

  • Stickers for marking items: “Danger,” “Main Breaker,” “Warning,” etc.
  • Enclosure screws
  • Spring nuts
  • Trim front lock keys
  • And more. Each kit comes with 450 pieces plus the durable, two-drawer case with a flip top lid.

Learn more

 Schneider Electric’s industry leading Square D panelboards offer the versatility of factory installation or RTI, plug-on or bolt-on circuit breakers, and space-saving innovations such as the 800-amp main breaker and multiple two-pole, 200-amp branch breakers, all manufactured to the highest sustainability standards. Plus, with the TBPANEL accessories kit you’ll never face delays looking for missing parts.

You can trust and rely on Schneider Electric to provide the solution for all your electrical distribution needs.

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