Everything you need to know about Electric Switches and Sockets

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Light switches are used to turn on or turn off the electric lights, connected equipment, or electrical outlets. In today’s time, industries look for elegance in design and thus opt for beautifully crafted switches. With a wide range of availability of switches, one has an option to choose from ambient dimmer switches, or weatherproof sockets etc. With technology progressing, the industrial sphere has an abundance of durable switches that can withstand extreme conditions like rains, electrical surges, etc. To keep up with the challenges faced in security and convenience, there are switches that extend control and safety to the building infrastructure.

Studies show that up to 350,000 people experience severe injuries due to electric shock every year. Out of all the fire accidents, up to 50 per cent occur due to electrical faults. Time and again, the electric stability of the circuits are tallied and improved to suit the power requirement. Moreover, the modern day electric switches are designed to suit the interiors of the place they are installed. To being in tune to the walls where they are fitted, these switches are available in full spectrum of attractive patterns, colours, and finishes. These have come up as a practical solution that ensures safety and functionality together.

Industrial plugs and electrical sockets are connection units where electrical devices of high voltage ratings can be plugged in. To ensure complete safety and maintenance of quality standards, opt for IEC 60309 standard complaint equipment. It is essential that the component is easy to install in the industrial setup and viable to use. Companies have come up with innovation in technology and brought weatherproof and durable equipment for industrial application.

In any building, residential or commercial, sound electrical installation account for 5 per cent of the infrastructures worth. Schneider Electric India is a leader in innovation and reliance driven company. The solutions laser-focused on creating safer, reliable, connected and energy efficient future keeping in mind what innovation will make the product efficient. With Schneider, one can be rest assured to save up to 30 per cent energy. As per the need of the building’s electricity consumption and power supply, one can choose from the range of electrical switches & sockets – ULTI, Neo, ZENcelo, Opale, Livia light switches & complete final distribution range which includes Miniature Circuit Breakers, Distribution Boards, RCCBs, SPDs.

Moreover, PratiKa Wander Plugs is complete industrial plugs and sockets crafted to ensure efficiency in operations. These industrial plugs provide installers with a simple and tool-free connection method making it simpler and efficient for installation. This equipment is available in all sizes and can be fitted in all places required.