Wiring devices by Square D provide stylish, safe smart home solutions

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Smart home solutions

Schneider Electric, a globally trusted leader in sustainable energy management and automation, recently announced the launch of Square D Wiring Devices in Canada. This lineup of sleek, stylishly designed smart home solutions will transform the residential market by providing quality devices for electricians, homebuilders, and homeowners to conveniently upgrade to energy efficient products.

Sustainable Solutions

One of the keys features in achieving sustainable housing is the ability for homeowners to easily monitor and control their energy systems. The Square D Connected Home lineup makes it easy to turn any home into a smart home.

With Wi-Fi and Z-wave smart plugs installed, homeowners are able to monitor energy use, control lighting, and pair with voice-activated home devices. The dual function components can also be controlled manually.

Alternatively, there are multifunctional cover plates that combine humidity sensors, motion detectors, and a fan control all in one unit.

Electrical Smarts

Electricians love Square D for the ease of installation, artful design, and capability to quickly upsell a smart home project. With the extremely durable polycarbonate resin plate covers that snap in place, they don’t have to worry about cracking cheap plastic covers by overtightening a screw. Homeowners also have the option of quickly changing device colours down the road without needing any tools to do so.

Key features on the switch modules include side-mount pressure plates to eliminate wrapping wire around a terminal screw, a self-grounding clip, and wire push-in options to speed up installation.

Home Sweet Home

With Schneider Electric’s experience and expertise in the field, we know what homeowners are looking for, and that is products that are attractive, durable, and intelligently designed.

The interchangeable flush-mounted Square D components offer an unapparelled level of versatility. Say, for example, a homeowner redecorates and changes the colours of a room. With our tool-free plate covers, they can swap out white switch covers for almond, grey, black, bronze, and more.

The design esthetic extends to the colour palette as well, with a total of eight shades available. The X Series is offered in white, light almond, gray, and black, while the XD Series comes in white, brushed nickel, bronze, and black, each in a durable matte finish.

Homeowners’ lifestyles have changed. Where countertop outlets used to be used for kettles, toasters, and other small appliances, today they’re likely to be used most often to charge cellphones and other electronic devices. With high-amperage USB receptacles, charging is completed faster, while leaving the receptacles open for other devices.

Parents with young children will also appreciate the built-in, tamper-resistant safety shutters on the receptacles that will prevent unwanted shocks.

Finally, the smooth finish of the covers is easy to clean, without any crevices for germs to hide in – which is obviously a huge benefit in these pandemic times.

Tomorrow’s Solution, Today

With everyone spending more time at home it is essential to improve each household’s energy efficiency. The Square D Connected Home lineup, which has already launched in Ontario and will be expanding nationally later this year, provides the stylish, easy-to-install smart home solutions that electricians and homeowners across the country are looking for.

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