Become a Wiser™ Energy Electrician to give your clients peace of mind – and control over their real-time energy usage

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As energy costs continue to rise, homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to manage and minimize their expenses. Schneider Electric’s Wiser Energy™ home monitoring system is precisely the tool Canadians are looking for to make their home more energy efficient. Here’s how you, their trusted electrician, can become the person they to turn to for guidance and installation.

What is Wiser Energy™?

Schneider Electric’s Wiser Energy™ residential monitoring system is an affordable, easy to install package that turns any house into a Smart Home. The app-based system provides homeowners with 24-hour a day, 7-day a week, monitoring of household appliances, their HVAC system, and any other electronic devices connected to their electrical panel, giving them real-time energy consumption data and security alerts.

The upsell

Selling your clients on the benefits of a Wiser Energy™ system is easy since it provides both peace of mind and financial savings. It’s a truly win-win investment. The system offers real-time appliance monitoring of both energy consumption and appliance usage.

The monitoring component enables homeowners to set up alerts so that they can be notified if, for example, critical medical equipment goes offline, the garage door opens unexpectedly, the oven turns on when children are home alone, or small appliances such as clothes irons are left on.

The easy-to-use platform will connect to a variety of Smart Home devices they may already use, including Google Home and Philips Hue smart lights.

Easy installation

For electricians, there couldn’t be an easier way to offer your clients Smart Home technology. Everything needed is included in the box, and installation can be completed in 30 minutes or less to new or existing panels. The intuitive app clients use to control the system sets up in minutes.

Wiser Energy™ is designed to be installed inside the electrical panel or on an external mounting bracket (included in the packaging) if there isn’t room inside the panel. There’s also an add-on sensor for solar panel production monitoring.

The Wiser Energy™ advantage

Last year, Schneider Electric launched the Wiser Approved Installer Program. Once completed, electricians earn a badge that quickly and clearly demonstrates to clients their expertise with the system and that they have the backing of Schneider Electric. In addition to helping electricians understand how to install and sell Wiser Energy™ systems through training programs, participants also gain valuable discounts, rewards, and product insights.

Electrical contractors are encouraged to install a Wiser Energy™ system in their own homes to see how easy it is to install and monitor home energy usage. (After installation, Schneider Electric will send you $100 gift card.)

Upon completion of the program, Approved Installers receive regular product updates, training sessions, discounts and promotions, webinars, and are eligible for rewards based on the number of units they install.

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