Partnerships of the Future speeds up digital transformation and sustainability

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 – Accelerating the arrival of the New Electric World

The future is electric. That’s good news because electricity is the most efficient energy we have, virtually 100% efficient at end-use. By 2040, its share in everything we do will double, reaching at least 40% of final energy consumption. Furthermore, six times more electricity will be generated from solar and wind.

Now for the not-so-good news, at least in the short-term: If we stick to how we power our world today, our energy infrastructure will account for 95% of the carbon emissions allowed under international climate targets by 2040. That means unless we change how we live, work, and travel, global temperatures will rise by 1.5 degrees compared to pre-industrial times. Bottom line: we have to stay below this 1.5 degree mark to preserve our planet for future generations.

We face other challenges, as well. Electronic waste costs the world 52 billion dollars annually, and only 13% of that waste is recycled. Increasingly decentralized markets present ever-changing rules for conducting business across borders, with currencies fluctuating amid a shifting set of economic relationships. And with the COVID pandemic in its second year, the need to be digital-ready has never been more urgent for both individuals and businesses.

Now back to the good news: as part of Schneider Electric, you are poised to help individuals and businesses navigate these challenges successfully.

Partnerships of the Future speeds digital transformation and sustainability

Re-inventing how we power our lives

At Schneider Electric, our more than 135,000 employees worldwide wake up every day with a common purpose: to fight climate change by eliminating carbon emissions, over 80% of which are caused by energy production and consumption. We believe the solution is a world that is more electric and more digital. We call this the New Electric World, and it is powered by Electricity 4.0

Electricity is the best vector of decarbonization. Combined with digital innovation, it unleashes huge potential for efficiency and the elimination of energy waste. But to deliver a sustainable world, we need to re-think how we design buildings, industries, and mobility, and re-invent how we power them. At Schneider Electric, such re-invention is part of our work every day.

It took more than 70 years for mature economies to electrify. Thanks to Electricity 4.0 and the convergence of digital and electric solutions, a sustainable future will take shape much faster.

Simplified, open, and digital solutions

Schneider Electric teams with more than 500,000 partners worldwide employing over 30 million professionals. With them, we represent the largest global community with the competency to electrify and digitize the world. Together over the next 20 years, we have to design a new electric and digital world, one that is significantly different than the world we’ve experienced until now.

This is what our Partnerships of the Future program is all about: empowering you and all our partners for the New Electric World. With simplified, open, and digital solutions – the pillars of the Partnerships of the Future program – we can deliver energy efficiency to end-users while enabling our partners to work smarter and faster in the process.

So when we say “simplified, open, and digital,” what are we talking about?

For starters, to counterbalance increasing complexity in our lives, we simplify the user experience with our products and solutions. We make them easier and faster for our partners to install and commission. We have solutions for every stage of their projects. And when our solutions are up and running, we make advancing sustainability easier, too.

Through our partner ecosystem, we are committed to unleashing the infinite possibilities of an open, global, innovative community. We are passionate about interoperable architectures. And our organization combines local expertise with a worldwide reach.

And through our digital solutions, we deliver connectivity for the right reasons. That means digital intelligence for resilient operations, digitization that enables new services, and software that increases efficiency at every stage of the project lifecycle.

Advancing partner productivity and peace of mind

Our full range of integrated products lets our partners create simple-to-install systems. Connectivity is a given, with systems requiring minimal IT work on site and allowing our partners to complete jobs faster, with greater efficiency and safety.

Our partner ecosystem also makes collaboration easier, allowing professional peers to openly share and learn for mutual benefit and, by extension, the benefit of their customers. With more than 650,000 members, 300 mobile apps, and 100-plus communities, our open partner ecosystem is a robust resource for all players involved. And with the mySchneider app, we empower partners to stay ahead of the competition, simplify their work, and develop their team through digital interaction and innovation. The app’s seamless online experience is designed to accelerate our partners’ digital transformation by putting all their digital services and assets in one simple-to-access place.

Empowering our partners in the new digital age

The efficient use of energy is mandatory if we are to reduce carbon emissions and preserve our planet for future generations. The good news is, as the world becomes more digital and electric, optimized energy efficiency can be achieved in all aspects of our lives. And Schneider Electric partners will play a vital role in making this transformation happen. Our Partnership of the Future program is designed to empower them in the New Electric World. Simplified, open solutions let them deliver energy efficiency to their customers while working smarter, faster, and more profitably. And our partner ecosystem provides them with robust resources and support, as well as tools and services that enable them to optimize power and automation at every stage of a project.

Schneider Electric is proud to team with its partners worldwide to lead the digital transformation of energy management and automation in the New Electric World.

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