3 Reasons to Attend Schneider Electric’s All-digital Innovation Summit World Tour

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Schneider Electric's Innovation Summit 2020

This year we’ve been challenged to do things differently, to think in a disruptive way, and to find solutions to issues never addressed before. We’ve been called to adapt to the circumstances and test new limits. And we’ve delivered.

Now, it’s time for a new challenge. For us, at Schneider Electric, Innovation Summit has become a tradition. It is an event we host at a fixed location every year for more than 3,500 industry professionals. The audience includes experts, leaders, change-makers, partners, and customers exploring the future of energy management and automation.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought new circumstances and the usual set up for this event had to change. Safety for all was our main thought when redesigning Innovation Summit, and our 2020 version is better than ever as we’ll be hosting it as an Innovation Summit World Tour.

What does it mean? It means Innovation Summit will be visiting different countries around the world to connect with all of you. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t miss it.

1. Hear the latest trends and tech from industry thought leaders

During this one-day event, you’ll have the unique opportunity of attending a series of inspiring talks with industry thought leaders about a variety of topics ranging from the recipe for success in an all-electric world to the reinvention of buildings for the future.

You’ll also get the inside track from executives discussing strategies in our markets and how they become a reality; plus interactive discussions between our experts, customers, and partners about how to implement tomorrow’s solutions today.

Last but not least, you’ll also be invited to watch the keynote speech from Schneider Electric Chairman & CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire.

2. Experience the technology shaping the future of energy and automation from your home

For this version of Innovation Summit, we’re bringing our technology straight to you. We’ve prepared a 3D virtual experience, giving you the chance to step into a world of innovation to discover the latest in energy management and industrial automation technology.

Through this virtual journey of Schneider’s EcoStruxure story, you’ll visit one of our Innovation Hubs and interact with state-of-the-art products, solutions, and demos from our offers as well as from our partners.

3. Be part of the first all-digital event of Schneider Electric

As Schneider Electric Chairman & CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire wrote in his blog, Four lessons learned about pivoting toward digital transformation, “Schneider Electric is more than 180 years old, and it has pivoted several times. The company started in iron and steel and is now providing energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability. As you can imagine, during all these years we’ve learned many lessons along the way for making successful pivots”.

And I must say that Innovation Summit is one more pivot to add to this list. With a best-in-class team and with digital transformation embedded in our DNA, we’ve deployed the technology to make the first all-digital event available for you.

In this “new normal”, we definitely didn’t want to miss the opportunity to connect once more and engage with you on the latest trends for the future of energy management and automation, while discovering new ways to manage uncertainty and market disruption.


This message was part of our Innovation Summit World Tour 2020. Making 11 virtual stops around the world, we welcomed over 20,000 customers, partners and students through the virtual doors and into the discussion on how we can build a more resilient and sustainable future together.  

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