Smart Retail Solutions Enabling EcoXperts to Help Retailers Now

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In my previous blog, I explained how EcoXpert business partners can help retailers recover and optimize their business with our Facility Expert multi-site solution. As mentioned, we also have developed several additional solutions that are perfect for different retail use cases during the crisis and beyond.

retail solutions

As George Das, our Global Solutions Architect, explains in an in-depth interview, we developed these solutions after brainstorming with retailers, end customers, our experts, our ecosystem, and specialized business partners.

Each retail solution enables one to tackle several use cases and pain points, which all kinds of retailers encounter as they reopen their business and need to align with regulations, for instance, on physical distancing and the safety of shoppers and staff. However, at the same time, they can be used post-crisis and, even better, most build upon the needs and plans retailers already had.

Solutions for concerns and needs of retailers for today and tomorrow

Some examples of the possibilities the solutions enable: reduce common surface uses, share store occupancy data with clients, combine this data with other sources to make data-driven business decisions, enable contactless activation, protect critical store equipment, ensure a healthy environment with UVGI duct lamps and ventilation filters for a healthy environment, etc.

You can also register for our webinar on these ‘Integrated Technologies to Boost Customer Confidence in Returning to Stores’ on July 29th. If you miss it, no worries: it is recorded. As the landing page of the webinar shows the mentioned solutions concern three main areas upon which the mentioned capabilities are built:

  1. Auto calculation of in-store customer numbers and analytics for social distancing compliance.
  2. Automatic access control to reduce the spread of contaminants.
  3. Science-based environmental control to reduce longevity of contaminants

All solutions can be integrated with Facility Expert, enabling remote maintenance and monitoring. They also help retailers with business continuity, customer engagement, cost, and energy savings, and issues with disrupted supply chains, to mention some.

For a deeper dive, check out the interview with George Das. And get in touch to learn how you can become an EcoXpert with a retail specialization or offer these solutions to potential (existing), retail clients, regardless of the segment.

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