Top 4 Highlights from European Utility Week 2019

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Did you attend European Utility Week 2019? The largest end-to-end event for European electricity companies took place in Paris from November 12-14. If you couldn’t make it, here’s what you missed.

Attendees had opportunities to:

  • Attend private sessions and dynamic best-practice sharing sessions
  • Network with thousands of experts and peers
  • Visit Initiate!, a platform for startups, young talent, and those at the forefront of the smart energy revolution who shared their latest ideas and inventions
  • Experience our technology in action and learn from our industry experts

For the first time, EUW was co-located with POWERGEN Europe, the annual flagship power generation show, so there was opportunity connect with a broader range of the electricity value chain.

Our top 4 highlights from European Utility Week:

1. New green and digital medium-voltage technology powered by air, a key innovation in the industry: 

We’re revolutionizing switchgear sustainability with innovative SF6-free switchgear technology, which uses only pure air for insulation and vacuum for breaking. It is a cost-effective, green alternative to the greenhouse gas sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), which has long been used in switchgear.  We showed off our new MV switchgear powered by pure air and digital technologies, including a virtual reality experience. We also unveiled new pilot projects for the green and digital switchgear, and announced our participation in an EU capacity-building project for SF6-free medium-voltage technologies.

 2. Digital solutions that span the electricity value chain and insights from industry experts:

Electricity companies are facing a huge transformation of the entire value chain that touches a wide variety of issues, including sustainability, decentralization, grid reliability, and digitization. At EUW, we showed how we are tackling those issues with cutting-edge technology and services that simplify and support your business.

3. Smart grid solution: Why DERMS is critical to managing distributed energy resources integration:

To manage the massive influx of renewable and distributed energy resources, electricity companies need to create a modern, reliable, and resilient grid that also has advanced grid management capabilities. Using a distributed energy resources management system (DERMS) solution like our newly announced EcoStruxure DERMS, independently or as part of an ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management System) platform, gives better operational and management planning by providing global monitoring, control, and forecasting abilities. It allows users to detect potential problems and leverage optimization and control of DERs to maximize renewables penetration and better plan grid reinforcements.

4. Insights into innovative power generation solutions: 

We also gave demonstrations of innovative asset life cycle solutions that reduce the cost of projects, planning, and technical risks. Our strategic partner AVEVA is leading the way for improved monitoring and diagnostics using machine learning, a critical capability for the digital utility. In addition, AVEVA’s Intelligent Information Management solution enables the digital twins creation and makes all relevant information available at the users fingertips.

EUW 2019 is over, but we look forward to next year’s event in Milan with Enlit, the new unifying brand for European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe.

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