Master-level EcoXperts Show the Way – What Makes Masters Different

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Our EcoXpert™Partner Program consists of several Certifications and Specializations. Within the Certification program, partners can reach two levels: Certified and Master.

To be a Master-level EcoXpert, certified business partners must meet specific business requirements and complete the advanced training curriculum in the badge certification they choose.

What does it mean to be a Master-level EcoXpert? What are the benefits of being a Master-level business partner of Schneider Electric?

BMS Master-level EcoXpert

We asked several certification badge owners to invite a Master-level partner for an interview so they can answer these questions themselves and share their views on their respective fields of expertise at the same time. BMS certification badge owner, Martin Feder invited Jeff Groat of Master-level BMS EcoXpert Wadsworth Solutions to discuss. They kick off this series with a must-read i-SCOOP interview, filled with business insights and smart views on the future of the market.

In this blog, I focus on what Martin and Jeff say about EcoXpert as a partner program and the vital role of Master-level business partners.

True partnerships, closer relationships

As a Master-level BMS EcoXpert, building automation specialist Wadsworth Solutions has transformed its business with an integrated and customer-centric approach.

The company works closely with Schneider Electric to be on top and ahead of new customer needs and market evolutions. Martin and Jeff zoom in on today’s and tomorrow’s significant developments and how they are about to transform – and even disrupt – the building management landscape (according to both we are at an inflection point).Master-level EcoXpert

So, what does a Master-level EcoXpert think about EcoXpert and the benefits of being a Master?

For Jeff, the main benefits are about closer relationships and higher levels of interaction, participation, and collaboration. EcoXpert is more than just another channel partner program Martin adds. It’s about partnerships in the real sense; it works in two ways with benefits stretching beyond the individual involved partners.

Moreover, the fact that Master level EcoXperts are granted access to the leadership of Schneider Electric isn’t just unprecedented in our industry; it also is a considerable benefit Jeff says.

By having access to our leadership, Master level EcoXperts know the vision of our company and help to shape it by sharing their views and those of the market. And even if our EcoXperts excel by having advanced technical skills and in-depth market know-how, in the end making sure that we have a winning informed strategy to help the customers of our customers succeed is what makes the difference. In a true partnership, everyone wins – the various partners, their customers and the customers of their customers.

Enabling the EcoXpert family with Master-level business partners

The level of knowledge and insights of Masters who know the industry inside-out and are experts in the technology and business side of things is leveraged by actively inviting them to help other EcoXperts future-proof themselves and move in the best possible direction.

By bringing in Master-level business partners on our platforms, at events and in the communities of the EcoXpert program, they educate other EcoXperts – and us, at Schneider Electric.

As Martin puts it: “When we bring in someone like Jeff to meet other EcoXperts, he can educate and teach them. Not only about the technologies but also about the business and the philosophy of understanding the customer of the customer. “

Another benefit for Jeff is the fact that Master-level EcoXperts are at the top of the list concerning tech support and other forms of feedback or ‘statement validation’, as he calls it.

Jeff and Martin also look at the place of EcoXperts and of Schneider Electric in the interview. How do both relate to each other? Agility is a keyword here. While Schneider Electric drives technological innovation in response to market evolutions and customer and partner feedback, EcoXperts can offer integrated solutions to end customers and can be more agile in responding to their needs. Martin emphasizes how this is the case with Master-level business partners such as Wadsworth.

In previous blogs I’ve explained that EcoXpert partners are the implementation arms of the EcoStruxure Architecture and Platform, but they are so much more. Master-level EcoXpert partners take it a step further – with the highest level of competency – they are like lighthouses that help us in guiding our business and all our partners to the next level and our joint future success.

EcoXpert Partners – the Implementation Arms of EcoStruxure

The EcoXpert Partner Program is unique in its industry and made up of a best-in-class global ecosystem of expertise. Trained and certified by Schneider Electric, EcoXperts are the implementation arms of EcoStruxure in homes and buildings all over the world.

Schneider Electric’s EcoXpert Partner Program unites the world’s leading technology providers, who exhibit best-in-class system integration competencies in facility optimization, reliable infrastructures and energy management, with its customers around the globe. Stronger together, this partnership cultivates collaboration, connects expertise, and delivers best-in-class services and solutions.

Visit the EcoXpert Partner Program to learn more.

Discover the EcoXpert certifications and specializations! If you’re interested to learn more about the path towards becoming a Master level EcoXpert in one of our certification programs contact us.

Stay tuned for more takeaways from the interview and other Master EcoXpert interviews!

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