Prism Power – Becoming the Newest Critical Power EcoXpert Partner

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Newest Critical Power EcoXpert - Registered Partner

What does it mean to be the newest Critical Power EcoXpert™? Certified on EcoStruxure™, our IoT-enabled architecture and platform, EcoXperts employ some of the highest levels of competency in the industry, delivering integrated building control, reliable power management, and efficient energy solutions to customers all over the world. Critical power is one of the seven domains of expertise (building management systems, light & room control, critical power, connected power, datacom, substation automation, and home & small business) an EcoXpert partner can become trained and certified in. The critical power badge certification shows a company’s proven expertise in deploying power management systems, employing advanced power metering networks, power quality management and best-in-class software tools to help large and critical buildings manage energy costs, improve electrical systems reliability and optimize electrical equipment performance. EcoXpert partners receive many business partner benefits while simultaneously benefiting customers.

Congratulations to Prism Power Group for joining Schneider Electric’s ecosystem of expertise as the newest Critical Power Registered partner of the EcoXpert program – on the path to becoming a Certified EcoXpert. Based in London, UK, Prism Power is a global Switchgear and critical power systems provider that designs, manufactures, installs and provides on-going power system maintenance services for organizations. With their global knowledge, the company can tailor solutions to meet rigorous industry requirements and deliver advanced power solutions and services to clients across all critical markets. With this developing partnership, Prism Power will be able to power more data centers across the globe, as well as deliver a higher level of connectivity to customer’s through EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert. Read Engineering Update’s press release about how Prism Power becomes Schneider Electric’s newest critical power partner for additional details and insight from both Schneider Electric and Prism Power leaders.

With more than 3,500 EcoXpert partners delivering integrated technology expertise to clients in 50 countries around the globe, EcoXperts are the implementation arms of EcoStruxure in homes and buildings all over the world. The program creates endless opportunities for leading system integrators and the businesses, organizations, and individuals they serve. We’re thrilled to continue adding more EcoXpert partners to our network, so together we can pioneer the future of intelligent buildings and the Internet of Things.

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